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Dalmane Questions

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Sleep Disorder - Has Anyone tried Belsomra for Sleep? Does it help? I'm scared to take it cuz it can

Posted 27 Oct 2015 by Snuggs08 1 answer

... cause Sleep Paralysis. I've experienced this twice in my life and it's terrifying. Insurance won't cover my Dalmane unless I try the Belsomra.

Experience with Dalmane?

Posted 30 Nov 2014 by Meli09 4 answers

I have a long history with my psychiatrist of different sleep meds. I have depression & anxiety (being treated). My mood & energy is already really low in the morning/all day. Medications like Ambien, Lunesta, etc. make me so drowsy & give me a hung over feeling the next day. These meds ...

Took chloral hydrate for sleep for 20 years .i am now in withdrawal and though I have current rx?

Posted 1 Sep 2014 by nochloral 1 answer

... i i am told that distributors cant get it. why??? i have prescription from md.i need help and cant find md put me on dalmane and it has been a nightmare no sleep panjc and headaches.

Can I take cephalexin and dalmane together?

Posted 31 Oct 2012 by Allinicole10 2 answers

I'm taking dalmane at night and recently got a bladder infection and prescribed cephalexin and need to know if I can take them both together at the same time

Withdrawal - How do I stop taking Dalmane 30 mg per day? Need HELP right now. Cannot get out of?

Posted 28 Nov 2011 by DianeLewis 2 answers

... bed before afternoon because of extreme tiredness. I have been taking the drug for years and have tried reducing it slowly. I can't do it. If I reduce the dose, I get very severe withdrawal symptoms. Please help me! I HAVE to get off this drug as soon as possible.

At 71, should I get off 30mg Dalmane taken for years for sleep problems, or should I stay on it for?

Posted 22 Nov 2011 by Zelda12345 2 answers

... the rest of my life. My doctor leaves it up to me

I have been on Dalmane and then switched to Furazepam by Westward a year or so ago when they DC the?

Posted 22 Jul 2011 by zoeD 2 answers

... brand. I am in terrible shape as I cannot get off the Dalmane. The generics vary in stability 20% plus or minus, as opposed to the Brand. I am trying to titrate down slowly and am at 11 mg. I cannot get off of it and it is putting my heart in high speed in the early AM. I am using water ...

I had just been to my neurologist, Dr. b?

Posted 3 Apr 2011 by beelzibu 1 answer

... ones for sleep anyway) He had settled on Dalmane the big ones too, 30 mg. 2 Would knock out a horse. The 'script' was for 15, (but I lost one??? ) Well, I hadn't had any sleep in the same number of days. So I got down on my hands and knees and tried, best I could , to sort ...

Am I being over medicated for anxiety?

Posted 30 Aug 2010 by peppermint1 2 answers

For those who take Lyrica, my Doc prescribed it for me because I have severe arthritis in my knees.I could not find relief at night at all. I also have a sleeping problem, started at menopause. I am taking my Lyrica (50 mg) with a 30 mg dose of Dalmane at night only. In the morning, I take a 50 mg ...

How does Dalmane work for people with Multiple Sclerosis & Migraine Disease?

Posted 20 Jun 2010 by veronicalynn123 1 answer

My migraine doctor has me taking Seroquel so my bad migraines don't bother me as much. However, I'm doing everything I can not to take them because they're keeping me from losing weight. My regular GP, refuses to write a presecription for more than 10mg of Ambien. I need 20mg to get ...

Looking for an MD or psychiatrist in Los Angeles who will prescribe Dalmane?

Posted 5 Feb 2010 by sierrawoman 1 answer

Been using a little for many years, but my internist won't prescribe to me for some reason. Can someone tell me a good doc in Los Angeles/Bakersfield/San Diego/Orange County area who understands this drug and how effective it is? Thanks, Gracy

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