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Cutaneous Candidiasis Questions

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Terbinafine - dose it work on open cuts?

Posted 14 Jun 2016 by josephine5213 0 answers

Is there an alternative medication for econazole?

Posted 28 Mar 2016 by fedup777 0 answers

I have used econazole for two weeks on my genitals for candidiasis and it hasn't helped. Causes burning, irritation and blisters. Want t try something else.

Some pts have come to me with dx systemic and or lung candidiasis?

Posted 17 Dec 2015 by stonecipher 0 answers

And are and have been on long term fluconazol therapy. What is the feel with long term meds such as this. Is there a safety factor?

How much fluconazole can take time to work for maximum???

Posted 10 Aug 2014 by abby01 1 answer

i m suffering from candidiasis from 2 weeks ... its my first time.. during 1st week i thought it was urethritis it will be al right by drinking lots of water but then i noticed thick white cheese like vaginal discharge.. i googled it.. it was candidiasis,, my doctor gave me flagyl for 3 days and ...

Is it a problem to take Diflucan and Cipralex together?

Posted 2 Jul 2013 by Carlos89 2 answers

Just a small question, my gf is on Cipralex 10mg, and she also has Candidiasis in her digestive system, so she was given Diflucan to take when she travelled abroad. Is it a problem to take Diflucan while on Cipralex?

How can I treat recurrent vaginal candidiasis while i am trying to concieve ?

Posted 31 Jul 2011 by hiba elsheikh 4 answers

i used antibiotic for long priod of time lastly

Does nystop powder come in a bottle larger than 15g?

Posted 22 Aug 2010 by kh288411 1 answer

I use Nystop for a yeasty rash on my chest and lower stomach folds, and I use it once or twice a day, especially in warm, humid weather. The small bottle only lasts 2 weeks at the most, and I'm covering most of the front of my body each time I use it. Does it come in a larger sized package?

What is the most effective drug for candidiasis?

Posted 15 Mar 2011 by Izy 1 answer

For months now, I feel wet down, it itches and it's gradually turning me off. I know it's a candidiasis but can't make any good drug out. The last time, the douching solution my doctor gave me was so bad. Help.

What can I use to treat recurrent vaginal candidiasis when I am planing for pregnancy?

Posted 31 Jul 2011 by hiba elsheikh 3 answers

i used alot of antibiotic that is why h had yeast infection

I have developed ring worm on my face a week ago and and now spreading to my neck. Pls advice?

Posted 30 Nov 2009 by Agnes Ng 1 answer

Doctor prescribe Econazole for topical application and I have used it for 4 days. But my ring worm still spraeding. He also prescribe Griseofulvin but I have not started on it for fear of side effects cos lately I have very acidic stomach.. Pls advice. TQ

Gastrointestinal Candidiasis - what die-off reactions are likely to occur?

Posted 25 Dec 2010 by kay345 1 answer

Nystatin 900,000 U is the dose. . .

Is serostim a steroid? there is a direct correlation between esophageal candidiasis and steroids?

Posted 6 Aug 2010 by sunshine001 1 answer

my brother was just diagnosed with esophageal candidiasis and we are trying to find as many posibilities that may be a direct link to this condition? he took serostim a few months ago and the doctor is wanting to know if he has taken steroids?

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