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What is the real color of the Actual HITECH brand promethazine with codeine and does it taste fruity

Posted 7 Dec 2014 by shelldblyle 2 answers

... or robotussiny ??(like yucky cough syrup)please help me find an answer ASAP thank you

Codeine/Promethazine - Does doctors only prescribed cough syrup with codeine?

Posted 29 Apr 2016 by 420day 1 answer

Do Dr's prescribe any other kind of cough syrup other than with codeine

Is this the same Vicks formula 44 cough Syrup that was available when I was a child back in the?

Posted 10 Jul 2017 by Walt0462 1 answer

... 50's that was a dark liquid either brownish or black in color that had a warm feeling when swallowed that also had a temporary but immediate effect of opening up sinuses and is it currently available at any local retailer

I took 40 mg of prednisone and a teaspoon of codeine, guanfacine cough syrup with bupropion?

Posted 15 days ago by Falsaron 1 answer

Will they interact? Its too late now since I already took everything but I was just wondering.

Can I take apo azithromycin with cough syrup codeine ?

Posted 13 Jan 2015 by Jador 1 answer

My throat hurts like hell and i have alot of pressure in my ear and i sometimes cough i need to know can i take cough syrup with codeine ?

Codeine/Promethazine - Why are people prescribed 16 ounces ? I don't see why a doctor would give out

Posted 20 Apr 2015 by bbyjakesmommy 1 answer

... a prescription for that much cough syrup

What is the prescribed cough syrup for a 6 months old baby?

Posted 16 Feb 2014 by Sarah_Jane 2 answers

The child has a hard cough.

Bronchitis Hanging around long time it seems???

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by Quando62 2 answers

I get Bronchitis 1 or 2 times a year, some years Pnuemonia, lots of sinus infections as well. August 1st, went to doctor, Keeflex which works good for me, Prednisone, cough syrup. Got a bit better in 10 days, but been coughing and just plain dead fatigue since, so went back to doctor yesterday, got ...

Tylenol Cold - Is it safe to give my 10yr old which weight 110pds cough syrup n night time cold n?

Posted 19 Oct 2017 by Karissa 1210 1 answer

... flu severe pills it was given 30mis apart he to took 2teaspoons of the cough syrup called promethazine

New to contrave, what do you do if you get sick?

Posted 15 Jan 2018 by Newbie50 1 answer

According to the interaction checker you can't even take Tylenol for a headache or cold medicines or cough syrup. What do you do if you catch a horrible cold? Just suffer? I'm nervous about starting my new contrave prescription.

I have been sick for over a month, and no one can find what's wrong?

Posted 14 Nov 2014 by Kiminky 1 answer

A month ago, I tested positive for Flu type A. I was treated with tamiflu. Then it turned into pleurisy, followed quickly by bronchitis. They put me on levaquin and a codeine cough syrup. None of this has helped. After a month, I am still running a fever every day and coughing my head off. I ...

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