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Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Questions

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Does grapefruit interfere with atenolol, aspirin, amlodipine, atorvastatin or allopurinol?

Posted 27 Nov 2012 2 answers

25mg Atenolol 75 mg Asprin 5 mg Amlodipine 20 mg Atorvastatin 450 mg Allopurinoll

I took 2 doses of Xarelto by mistake. What should I do?

Posted 29 Oct 2018 1 answer

I took 20mg at 7pm and another at 9pm. I forgot I had taken it earlier.

Amlodipine - Anybody else have horrible side effects from this medicine? It seems like something new

Posted 22 Jun 2015 4 answers

... everyday with me. I've only been on it for 3 months

Can I take Moringa and Amlodipine Besylate at the same time?

Posted 10 Jun 2016 1 answer

My Dr. told me that my BP and Cholesterol were high. He prescribed Amlodipine Besylate 5mg and Statin. I did a research on the drugs and found some horrible reviews. I put the drugs somewhere and started a lifestyle change through dieting and going to the gym. After a week I did a BP check at a... read more

Anyone take versed (midazolam) at home for anxiety disorder?

Posted 13 May 2013 2 answers

I have CAD, one stent 3 yrs ago, and GAD. I have not slept a whole night for 3 years due to night sweats lasting up to 90 minutes 2 or 3 times a night , and more frequent but shorter in the day, due, I think, to anxiety.I now have had six good nights taking 7.5 midazolam but suspect it's too... read more

Is there a generic equivalent to nifedipine?

Posted 2 Jul 2013 1 answer

I use it for channel blockers. I have CAD a need the blood flow. I am an AE amputee.

Has anyone had problems taken amlodipine 5mg tabs?

Posted 27 Apr 2019 1 answer

How long should you take lisinopril tabs 10 mg?

Posted 8 Sep 2016 1 answer

I been taking this pill for 3yrs now

I have been on perindopril for 8 years and now have a very bad cough and suffer panic attacks.

Posted 22 Apr 2019 1 answer

I take antibiotics, had X-rays etc, all have had no results. I listening to the BBC's 'Inside Health' and heard of the potential side effects of 'ACE' drugs. So I have stopped taking perindopril. Will I suffer any adverse effects?

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