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Does Coreg cause hair loss ?

Posted 4 Sep 2010 by sonja gee 1 answer

Has anyone tried both Coreg CR and Metoprolol ER and found either one is better than the other?

Posted 16 May 2010 by jblt83 1 answer

Has anyone tried both Coreg CR and Metoprolol ER and found either one is better than the other in controlling hypertension and tachycardia? My doctor had me on 50mg daily. I was experiencing fatigue mostly on the metoprolol when i took it during the day. Not sure if its because of the interaction ...

Hydrochlorothiazide/Valsartan - if I take on a5 week trial can I just quit taking?

Posted 17 Sep 2009 by scotty 50 1 answer

i am retaning water iam a50 year old male swelling in legs ;ankles;neck area i am taking coreg 80mg already ihave gained 15 pounds in 2 months do not over eat have had every test avalible drink alot of soft drinks can pepsi put that much weight on one?

Is Coreg/carvedilol generic yet?

Posted 15 Oct 2009 by lion hearted 2 answers

My MD is considering switching me from a different Beta Blocker to Coreg, but am concerned about the price.

Tegretol, Keppra, Diazapam, Coreg Elavil and Vitamin C - any drug interactions with Amlodipine?

Posted 21 Jul 2010 by Has2Bprfct 1 answer

Also take Cranberry tabs, Pepcid. Do I need to worry about any interaction because of the amlodipine that I am going to be taking? It says to check about any interactions with your medication so I am checking. ;-)

Does vasotec work with Boniva and coreg?

Posted 3 Nov 2010 by chantilly 1 answer

I have high blood pressure and take Carvedilil (Coreg) Brand name and I also take Boniva and HCTZ, but the HCTZ does not work well with Boniva so has anyone used Vasotec along with Carvedilil and Boniva and what are the side effects

Ranexa lisinapril lasix potassium coreg vytorin lyrica aspirin celebrex prilosec allopurinol lovaza?

Posted 28 Aug 2010 by larry crumley 2 answers

i feel real bad my feet ankels and hands are swollen my hands and feet hurt the circulation in my hands is bad something is not working together

Am taken micardis hct 80mg and coreg cr?

Posted 16 Jun 2010 by nelsa 1 answer

am just starting to have finger/elbow joint pain along with hipand lower back pain, i have never had this before, been on the med's for 4months now.could this be side affects from the medications.

I was perscribed coreg 3.125 mg 2x daily for palputations and irregular heart beat, arrymithea?

Posted 23 Sep 2010 by jerry32551 1 answer

But after reading the side effects I am Concerned. My blood pressure bounces up and down . I was diabetic used insulin but exercise and the loss of 60 lbs fixed that and my sugar levels are normal. I get dizzy and have passedout while having the palputations Im connfused

Coreg has a warning about thyroid disorders. More explanation please?

Posted 4 Feb 2010 by garyhallga 1 answer

I had radiation therapy in 1984 for Hodgkin's disease. I now take Synthroid and Cytomel. Together they have brought my TSH into an acceptable range that Synthroid alone could not do. It sounds like Coreg would mask the results of that test. What recommendations would you make concerning using ...

Is their a coupon for the drug coreg?

Posted 29 Aug 2010 by dorisldoris 2 answers

the coreg is a little high.

Coreg Side Effect Issues?

Posted 24 May 2010 by jackhipp 1 answer

Is anyway having E.D. sexual problems since starting on COREG??? I am having the following issues: - Tiredness - bloating - weight gain - E.D. I take this along with Pacerone but I believe COREG is the problem?? It keep my heart beating normally but my quality of life sucks? I may quit taking ...

Carvedilol - My 80-year-old mother was put on Coreg 2 years ago for about 6 weeks until we realized?

Posted 30 May 2010 by maryal 1 answer

... that she had been put on about 4 times the normal dose and switched cardiologists. After 2 years, she still experiences episodes almost like hot flashes where she drips sweat. She had not experienced this symptom since she finished menopause until she was put on the Coreg. It's really ...

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