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Contraception Questions

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Nexplanon - How likely is it that I can get pregnant with the implant?

Posted 4 Dec 2013 by GracieWorld 29 answers

I got the implant (Nexplanon) about two months ago, and I haven't had any noticeable major side effects. I had my period on time the month after I got it, but now I'm eight days late for my period. I know that the implant can stop your periods entirely, but how quickly does this happen, ...

Is it normal to bleed for a long time after getting Mirena inserted?

Posted 7 Feb 2014 by acn813 32 answers

I started my period two days before getting my Mirena inserted. I have now been bleeding for almost 5 weeks. It will nearly stop or seem to stop then start again within a day. Small pieces of what appear to be tissue are in the blood, which is a lot brighter red than my normal period. Is this ...

How long does it take to get pregnant after having Nexplanon removed?

Posted 18 Jun 2013 by ashleygould123 32 answers

i had gotten nexplanon implanted at my 6 week check up after having my daughter(sometime around aug 2012) i literally bled almost every single day besides a few weeks, and finally got it taken out 2 weeks ago, i was just wondering if i need to get on something right away or how long it takes for ...

Can I get pregnant if I take contraceptive pills (Diane 35) for 2 days after my period then have sex

Posted 3 May 2014 by chichi24 2 answers

It's my first time to use contraceptive pills (diane 35) I take my pills after my menstrual period and i just take it for only 2 days and have sex.. is there any possibility that i will get pregnant?

Sudden periods after 2 years of having the Nexplanon implant?!?

Posted 8 Jan 2014 by Aimee4000 18 answers

I've had the Nexplanon implant for two years now and have only had one period in that time, which was right near the beginning. I have now just had another period, which lasted 7 days and was a full blown, cramps and all one. It has been exactly one week since I came off my period and now I ...

What happens if you break your virginity without using a condom?

Posted 8 Aug 2014 by lobstar 3 answers

Having sex for the first time without using a condom is it possible to get pregnant or you won't because its your first time having sex.

Depo Shot & Unprotected Sex?

Posted 6 Jul 2013 by mycatisfat333 7 answers

I got my first depo provera shot about 13ish days ago and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex in a spa in the weekend twice. Is there any chance I could be pregnant? My doctor said that the injection was safe enough to use by itself but I don't know and he said it takes 3 weeks for the ...

Provera - How Long does it take for the Depo Shot to get out of the system?

Posted 28 Feb 2013 by cabanna531 43 answers

I got the shot January 16th 2013. A couple weeks later my mood had shifted for the worst. I began to be extremely emotional, have irrational thoughts, cry for no reason, get mad at little things, sometimes get paranoid, depressed, and a few times I've had emotional breakdowns where I just yell ...

I got my Implanon removed 2 weeks ago, and I've had so many side effects. I feel sick to my...

Posted 16 May 2014 by gamboam 17 answers

... stomach most of the time, my breast and nipples are sore since then and my breast gets swollen sometimes. I even had one day where my nipples were leaking a little cloudy liquid. Just last night I had a horrible headache and I took a pain pill with caffeine, an hour later after I ate dinner my ...

Sex after Mirena?

Posted 22 Aug 2011 by schooleannd 25 answers

I am 21 and in a committed relationship and we like to have sex, well a lot. I have been on birth control pills for 2 or so years now and I seem to have lost my sex drive, I am dry, and moody. I also have a problem with remembering to take my pill everyday. We like to go out and I don't always ...

Depo-Provera - abnormal bleeding? ??

Posted 22 May 2014 by kathryn puga 9 answers

I have been on depo for 9 years. I have never really bleed while on it except I will spot like a week before my shot is due and when I pee here and there but not even enough for panty liners. And that blood was generally brown in color. Id say the past year I ha e been spotting more often still n9t ...

How long After Having Implanon Inserted Does the Contraceptive Effect Start?

Posted 15 Apr 2012 by Young&Reckless 5 answers

I dislike using condoms and would like to know how long you have to wait before it is safer to begin sex again without having to worry about pregnancy? Thanks!

Still no period after 9 months of having Mirena removed?

Posted 12 Nov 2014 by Inkedbeauty 42 answers

My Mirena has been out for over 9 months, & not 1 period. I have had blood work done for pregnancy, my thyroid, & other possible issues. We have had scans done & an internal ultrasound to ensure its not cancer, all came back fine. Could this have been caused by the mirena? I have looked ...

Can Implanon cause vaginal infections (Y.I., or B.V.) every month, & rash around the mouth?

Posted 29 Aug 2013 by Starlight888 44 answers

I had the Implanon implanted July of 2011, before that I took the pill. I was fine August of 2011 and come September I got a vaginal infection. Every month since then I started to get either yeast infections or Bacterial Vaginosis in addition to developing a rash under and on the sides of my mouth. ...

Can Depo-Provera cause vaginal bleeding after sex?

Posted 18 Sep 2015 by Anon-EMT 7 answers

My girlfriend has been experiencing vaginal bleeding after we have intercourse. I have an average sized penis, and we haven't been engaging in anything rough. When she was 15 (she's 18 now) she had cysts removed from her ovaries that had ruptured as a result of polycystic ovarian ...

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