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Does anyone have some good advice?

Posted 3 Mar 2011 by MelissaSweetie 13 answers

I have had anxiety followed by depression since I was about 8 years old. I've attempted to commit suicide 3 times. Yet, I've never been admitted into a hospital. I have seen numerous counselors and therapists and all of them listen to my life stories in aw but never have much of a ...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Whenever any of you are having PTSD flashbacks, are they so?

Posted 19 Jul 2010 by hardfi 5 answers

... overwhelming and humiliating that you almost wish you were dead or that you want to commit suicide because the past wont let you be free. I'm just asking because that is how mine get

Venlafaxine - Is Prozac safe for a 10 year old boy?

Posted 11 Dec 2011 by alisha29 4 answers

Hi everyone, This is a question I sure could use some help on. My Brother in Laws nephew just tried to commit scuaside last Thursday by taiking 40 antacids. Thank goodnews he told his mother right away. He is currently in a I guess you would call it a mental hospital for children. They have ...

If my suicidal thoughts have gone do I still need to be seen?

Posted 8 Sep 2010 by rblkft 5 answers

120 mg Cymbalta drank hard liquor over Labor Day Holiday and became severely depressed with thoughts of leaving and plans to commit suicide.

What happens if I smoke and use Commit lozenges on the same day? What risk am I running?

Posted 27 May 2011 by Molly14 1 answer

I would like to cut down on smoking by first taking the lozenges during the day and smoking at night, after 5, and then after the summer, going on lozenges all of the time. Why is this not recommended and what are the health risks I'm running? Would love to hear from a doctor or someone like ...

Psychiatry - I experience a feeling of "dread" whenever I am asked to commit to something. I am not?

Posted 20 Jul 2017 by hermit27 0 answers

... fearful of going out of the house or being around people. It is just when I should feel happy I feel dread. Like everything takes effort of i don't want to take the energy to be happy

Has anyone heard of The Laser Spine Institute?

Posted 8 Jan 2018 by OneFour 0 answers

I have been accepted as a candidate for Laser surgery for my lumbar spinal stenosis. I want to talk to anyone who has any knowledge about this orginazation before I commit to any procedures.

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