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Ingredients of gabapentin?

Posted 11 May 2016 by TexasDmk 1 answer

I am taking gabapentin and I am wondering what is the origin of it. I found it was discovered by the japenese about 40 years ago. Is it a natural compound or is it synthetic, or a combination? David K

Is tramadol and pregabalin okay to take together?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Mazzii 2 answers

I took three 50mg tramadol and one 200mg pregabain with anothr 50 lyrica and I feel very sedated and sounds are muffled. Is this normal for this combination?

Is it possible for amitiza to cause weight gain?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by annanoeld 3 answers

Hello- for the past 3 months I have been taking amitiza for my ibs in combination with dulcolax. After months of not seeing results from other medications, this actually worked! I am no longer chronically constipated, and my doctors are considering dropping the dosage given my progress. HOWEVER in ...

Can antidepressants cause tremors? I am on bupropion, Effexor, propranolol?

Posted 10 Jan 2018 by Linda cardillo 2 answers

I take bupropion and Effexor and together in the morning. Also I take propranolol in am. Could this combination cause internal tremors? I feel like this often, sometimes late in the day. Propranolol is supposed to stop tremors. Very confusing!

Lercanidipine/perindopril combination?

Posted 18 days ago by Nelly the Elephant 0 answers

I'm trying to source a combination medication rather than take the drugs individually. Does anyone know if there is such a product? Perindopril is available with other calcium channel blockers e.g. amlodipine.

I've been on Cymbalta 120mg for years. Wellbutrin XL150 started 2 months ago.

Posted 27 Feb 2018 by Shelly277 1 answer

Now I'm losing all my hair in the front and on top. Is this due to the combination? If so, is there anything else besides Wellbutrin I could take? I'm female & very embarrassed.

When using fluorouracil, has anyone used triamcinolone acetonide cream in conjunction, and if so?

Posted 5 Feb 2018 by Uncle Bill 0 answers

... how has this combination worked out? I just began a full face two week session this morning, as opposed to spot treatments as in the past and so am EXTREMELY interested in this matter. I don't know how much time to wait after the fluorouracil until I should apply the triamcinolone

Since taking Stelara 90 mg my skin is great but I have severe anxiety and insomnia and fatigue. I?

Posted 15 Feb 2018 by 0live 0 answers

... also am questioning the combination of Prozac and Stelara?

Lyrica emotional numbness?

Posted 10 Dec 2017 by Fixmeplz 2 answers

Hi. I suffered a major bout of depression about 3 years ago. After many drugs the best combination was lyrica and an antidepressant. Worked well. Early this year I stopped the antidepressant but stayed on the lyrica for the anxiety. Since then I've felt emotionally numb. I don't know if ...

Estradiol - combination therapy side effects?

Posted 29 Jan 2018 by coralp 0 answers

Just started a combination of estradot and prometrium... dizziness I think arising from only 3 -4 doses of the prometrium and/or combo of estradot and so stopped but kept patch on til end of 3 day cycle. Now severe break out in hives all over legs and arms. has anyone else had this reaction. trying ...

I have been taking warfarin for last 2 years and Nuberol tablets for 3 months?

Posted 21 Jan 2018 by Humayun Aqil 0 answers

Also taking Lipitor tablets,Metformine tablets and Sitagliptin tablets.Does this combination affect the thinning/thickening of blood

Taking 5mg zolpedin and 5mg oycodon in pm what results can I expect?

Posted 15 Jan 2018 by Ray Hilton 2 answers

Is this an acceptable combination

How to find Dr. Who prescribes cytomel?

Posted 15 Jan 2018 by gumbamania 0 answers

I have been on the T4/T3 combination for a few years but have had troubles getting some Doctors to believe in it. I love the way I feel and it made a tremendous differences when I started. My Doctors have tried to eliminate the cytomel and or lower the dose. I now have to find a new Doctor in ...

I have bottles of 200 mg Advil and 650 mg Tylenol. What is the best way to combine them?

Posted 17 Dec 2017 by Ellen 0 1 answer

I have a throbbing headache fever chills and muscle aches. What is the most effective combination of these medications? Thank you

Medroxyprogesterone - My doctor told me to take the combination of the pills to stop my period from?

Posted 17 Dec 2017 by Adelbrook 0 answers

... coming this month. He told me to take it on a specific day and when took it on that day my period came the same day. Should I still take it? Will it stop my period?

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