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Ingredients of gabapentin?

Posted 11 May 2016 by TexasDmk 1 answer

I am taking gabapentin and I am wondering what is the origin of it. I found it was discovered by the japenese about 40 years ago. Is it a natural compound or is it synthetic, or a combination? David K

Is it possible for amitiza to cause weight gain?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by annanoeld 1 answer

Hello- for the past 3 months I have been taking amitiza for my ibs in combination with dulcolax. After months of not seeing results from other medications, this actually worked! I am no longer chronically constipated, and my doctors are considering dropping the dosage given my progress. HOWEVER in ...

Lo Loestrin Fe - How safe to use after 50?

Posted 6 days ago by GPCPaper 1 answer

How does the incidence of stroke compare to HRT or combination estrogen+ progesterine therapy?

Starting my new pack of pills late? Should I wait for my next period?

Posted 15 days ago by Nuray 0 answers

I have been on Gynera for 4 months. It is a 21-pill combination pill. I finished my 4th pack and i am on my pill-free week. I am overseas now and i brought one pack with myself, i have my next pack with me (5th one) but i am staying here longer than i planned and i don't think i will be able ...

Will drowsiness from combining Prozac & Zyprexa go away with usage?

Posted 24 Jul 2017 by fiammE37 1 answer

I just started using the Prozac/Zyprexa combination for Bipolar Disorder and the first day I took it in the morning which, and to my surprise made me incredibly sleepy throughout the day, which is strange for me cause I usually don't get very sleepy from meds and such. I wanted to know if it ...

Years ago my mother used to get a Rx for zinc oxide and 5% salicylic acid?

Posted 23 Jul 2017 by bfagin 0 answers

It was used for blemishes, ext. What is your opinion on this combination if I can have it compounded by a pharmacy?

Has anyone taken Latuda & Rexulta together. Did it work well in combination?

Posted 17 Jul 2017 by Sunnyrae39 0 answers

Im BiPolar Manic Depressive & Ive been on 60mg of Latuda for 8 months now. It is working but I cant seem to feel totally good, like I need a boost. Dr put me on Rexulta .05mg today. I hear alot about both drugs but no info on the two drugs in combination with each other. Has anyone taken Latuda ...

Am I still protected on lower dose birth control Lutera?

Posted 1 Jul 2017 by Leslie87 2 answers

Hello! I just wanted to ask if I'm still protected from pregnancy if I'm taking Lutera. It is one of the lower doses of birth control(0.1mg/0.02mg). I know you don't have to take combination pills at the same time everyday (9:25am) but I do just to be cautious. I'm kind of ...

Venlafaxine antidepressant combinations?

Posted 30 May 2017 by collih01 3 answers

I have been taking Venlafaxine 375 mg for sometime but recently it has become ineffective at keeping my depression at bay. My doctor lowered my dose to 300 mg and added Mirtazipine 30mg. Whilst I feel alot better I have put on 7 lb in 4 weeks (even though following a strict Slimming World diet, as ...

Can Seroquel, lorazapam1mg, Aleve, Zoloft be taken simultaneously?

Posted 19 Jun 2017 by patricia d dyches 1 answer

Someone is bedridden and is taking these in combination.

Baclofen - How does alcohol interact with baclofen?

Posted 17 May 2017 by Sons mom 3 answers

My son has been taking baclofen for spasms. He is a quadriplegic and has terrible leg spasms. He a also has several drinks a day, with the medication. Please tell me the dangers with this combination.

For how long can I use tamsulosin/finasteride combination to shrink my enlarged prostate. I'm?

Posted 10 Apr 2017 by sherihadris 0 answers

... already on catheter as a result of acute urinary retention. I started the combination 6 weeks ago. My prostate biopsy had been found to be negative for malignancy

I am on Abilify 10 mg and Wellbutrin XL 300mg and the drugs have a major interaction?

Posted 30 May 2017 by Blake2077 0 answers

I have tried to go off or lower my dose of Abilify with supervision and help of a psychiatrist and it was unsuccessful. I have bipolar mood swing disorder and feel much more stable on this combination but worried about the dangers of combining the two. Does anyone know anything about this or have ...

Combinations with Wellbutrin XL?

Posted 17 May 2017 by sciencenerd123 1 answer

I've been trying out different meds and so far 300 mg Wellbutrin XL has been the best- but isn't doing too much either. It gives me the energy to function, but it raises my anxiety and hasn't helped with any other depression symptoms besides sedation/amotivation. I'm hoping to ...

Is tramadol and pregabalin okay to take together?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Mazzii 2 answers

I took three 50mg tramadol and one 200mg pregabain with anothr 50 lyrica and I feel very sedated and sounds are muffled. Is this normal for this combination?

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