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Colesevelam Questions

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Colesevelam - have people had large weight gain will taking this medication?

Posted 17 Apr 2018 by cc2786 0 answers

i had my gallbladder removed in 2011 after numerous tests scans and admissions to hospital i was given a neuclear scan which the results stated i have bile acid malabsorption i have now been prescribed this drug. i judt want to know if anyone taking it has put on alot of weight? i am only 5 foot ...

Colesevelam - Why can't you take other medication at the same time?

Posted 6 Jan 2018 by Lesley1977 0 answers

Why can't you take other medication with this drug?

Colesevelam - Been on cholestyramine, loosing hair and headaches every day?

Posted 30 Oct 2017 by Patengland 1 answer

Loosing hair and headaches on cholestyramine. Prescribed Welchol, afraid to loose more hair and more headaches. Any advice? Female 71, started diarrhea 2 years ago. Been on budisonide, caused anxiety and heart racing. Please help!

Is anyone taking colesevelam and loperamide (Imodium)?

Posted 30 Sep 2017 by suzyE 0 answers

Ive been taking colesevelam for 2 weeks now but I still need to take loperamide! i have to take medication for high blood pressure in morning and night so I struggle to fit 6 colesevelam tablets during daytime - however i have managed to but my question is, how do i know colesevelam is working? I ...

Colesevelam - Can I take it along with a fiber supplement?

Posted 27 Dec 2016 by Woth 0 answers

I take benefiber twice a day. I also have reflux. Will it effect that? I also have Irritable bowel Syndrome with diarrhea.

Normal does for colesevelam?

Posted 21 Apr 2016 by ellenmccarthy 0 answers

Colesevelam - Did anyone get like a bit feeling when taking these?

Posted 8 Feb 2016 by Fanta550 0 answers

I wAs diagnosed with bile acid malabsorption. And they gave me colesevelam. I didn't have any side effects but now, I can be sat there feeling fine and then all of a sudden I feel hot and sick. I was just wondering if anyone else has had anything similar or its just a bug? Because I'm ...

Colesevelam - I am on the powder version of this drug, can I take it with Yoghurt?

Posted 23 Oct 2011 by totallyforgiven 1 answer

I am having to gag it down, mixing it with liquid, because it thickens and is nasty. If I continue it, I am going to have the dr write a new prescription and take it in pill form. I have never had problems taking pills.

Colesevelam - What is cost?

Posted 18 Aug 2009 by Slously 1 answer

Cost for 90 day supply- 6.25 mgs

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