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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Questions

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What type of drug is Copiktra?

Posted 2 days ago 1 answerFAQ by

Patient with CLL and pleural effusion. Does imbruvica,420mg per day, affect amount of fluid drained?

Posted 1 Aug 2014 by Aquarelle 3 answers

Husband was diagnosed with CLL a year ago, refused chemo at first, but got hospitalized in May with ex tensive pleural effusion. They put a pleural catheter(over 3l was drained).HGB was 5.5.WBC over 200000.He was put on chemotherapy, but did 2 treatments out of 6, as his doctor thought it ...

How long does it take for WBC numbers to drop. I have been on Ibrutinib for 2 months and my WBC cou?

Posted 22 Jan 2016 by sfish 1 answer

Count went from 40,000 to 238,000. But I feel good since I started the pill and walk 2 miles a day.

What is the difference between Rituxan and Rituxan Hycela?

Posted 5 Jul 2017 1 answerFAQ by

I have CLL. 2 months ago I started taking Imbruvica. Now my WBC has doubled?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by BK 73 1 answer

Now my oncologist has prescribed prednisone 50 mg one daily ? I am a 12 year CLL survivor. Why do you think my wbc has more than doubled? And is taking prednisone a good idea since my immune system is already weakened?

My mom just received her first 2 treatments of Treanda, the last one being 48 hours ago She is?

Posted 15 Apr 2012 by coastiemom 2 answers

... fatigued, and a little nauseas, but at this time that is it. She wanted to know if this would be the reactions or will it get worse this week. Also, has anyone noticed an improvement in their enlarged nodes with just the first 2 treatments, and if so, how long did it take to notice. Thanks!

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) - Female -age 66 Diagnosed 1/21/2014 Current labs: WBC?

Posted 5 Sep 2014 by jbibletexas 1 answer

WBC ... 13.6 Lymphs 74 ALC 9.8 Neutrophils 21 CD38 negative ZAP70 positive>20 13q deletion B2M. 2.8 Had small area of swollen lymphs on diagnosis on left side of neck Now have about a 4 inch area of swollen lymphs on left side, and have developed about a 2-3 inch area on right side of neck ...

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) - I was diagnosed 8 yrs. ago stared on ratoxin,two treatments so?

Posted 21 Apr 2011 by gatorjoe 1 answer

... far ,wbc dropped from 50k to 17k, two more treatment to go,shoud this benough to put me in remission . Im 75 yrs.old

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) - Does anybody have any personal experience with EGCg to share.?

Posted 15 Aug 2012 by cucinero 1 answer

... What does your hematologist/oncologist say?

Is prednisone 5 mg tablets safe for me who has CLL?

Posted 7 Apr 2014 by lsherwood 1 answer

I have CLL for past ten years. WBC is at the high end of normal over the years. I have some back artheritis in lower spine and dr has RX a regimen of this drug. Is it safe for me to use?

Has anyone been taken off Rituxan because developed too much "white matter"?

Posted 5 May 2014 by Rosemarytootsie 1 answer

Hi and Good Morning- I was just taken off of my 2 year maintenance of Rituxan. The reason was after receiving 4 treatments I started having questionable neurological issues. Nothing major. The oncologist sent me to have a brain scan. A neurologist read it an said i had too much white matter showing ...

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) - I am not usually on this end of the question/answer forums but?

Posted 18 Jun 2014 by summer313 1 answer

... I was diagnosed today (6-17) with CLL. I had my suspicions over a year ago and began watching my numbers but because I was a victim in a crushing accident over 15 years ago my oncologist has been trying to make things easier on me and we decided to forego the pain of a bone marrow biopsy and ...

Can Ibrutinib affect mood swings?

Posted 19 Sep 2014 by Wendymc 1 answer

My husband is taking Ibrutinib , he was having bad side effects, he came off it for a week , is now back on it but taking a much lower dose to see if they reappear . He had terrible mouth ulcers, rash plus some others. When he is taking it I notice a real change in his mood, I know it's ...

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) - My wife has had CLL for about 5 years living at high elevation?

Posted 11 Jan 2016 by Mbmaring 1 answer

Without thinking of problems with High elevations we bought a mountain home west of denver to spend the winters at 8500 feet. She seems to have very low blood oxygen or SpO2 her level without Oxygen is 75 to 82% this year. She does not seem to be feeling well after moving here this year and I ...

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