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Chronic Back Pain Questions


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Percocet 10/325 - What's the difference between Norco's and perkcocet?

Posted 30 Aug 2014 by Kasper76 5 answers

What's stronger than the two?

Hi friends and newbies - I'd like to know how long it took you to recover from spinal surgery?

Posted 21 Jan 2014 by MacIntosh12 8 answers

Was your pain diminished after surgery? How long was recovery period? Are you happy with your decision to have surgery? I do realize that many of us are on this site because of botched jobs, leaving us in chronic pain, but there must be some folks who have good news to report, at least I hope so. ...

Can advil cause stomach pain and diarrhea?

Posted 23 Nov 2015 by Darrell1025 1 answer

I took 3 advil and have had stomach pain and diarrhea for 3 days. I have chronic back pain and its one of the few things that help. Is there anything I can take for the stomach pain?

Tramadol - I have been on 150mg twice a day slow release for 5 years for chronic back pain. The last

Posted 3 Feb 2018 by nextneg 1 answer

... 6 months I've got down to 100mg slow release twice a day. I've done so much research and just want off this medication due to interaction with other meds I take! So I've slowly tried 100mg one in the morning for 4 days the 4th day all the withdrawals hit me and I took one at ...

Can you take Meloxicam with Tylenol?

Posted 31 Jul 2014 by jbrown617 2 answers

Severe back pain was given Meloxicam for it by doctor its not helping so i want to try something to take with it maybe some tropical treatment cream such as Capsaicin,or Eucalypitus oil,or something .

Filing for Disability - Questions about back pay?

Posted 17 Apr 2014 by mfpdfibro 5 answers

My actual disability date is 8/22/2005. I filed in 2006 and then dropped the case after it was denied twice through the mail. I then had several work attempts working for 3 months in 2006, 4 months in 2007 and 6 months off and on throughout 2008-2009. None of them long enough to collect ...

Trying to find a pain med that will help both my chronic back pain and chronic migraines together?

Posted 8 Jun 2015 by Flutterby77 7 answers

I'm on warfarin and I would like to find something to help both of these conditions so I am not on so many pill's but my INR is never level so I am at point where I need something that works but won't interact with the warfarin in anyway but doesn't have a bunch other things ...

Which medication is best for 'chronic back pain'... Ultraset or naproxen?

Posted 24 Nov 2014 by AUDRADAWN 4 answers

Which med is better as I have prescription for both

Baclofen - Indication for chronic back pain?

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Mario269 3 answers

What is the benefits of baclofen for severe neck and back problem.

Chronic back pain?

Posted 28 Jan 2014 by backtojello 5 answers

I have had chronic back pain for 20 years, It is so severe now it hurts to take a deep breath. Is there anyone who has a similer problem?

Can I take over the counter anti-inflammatories while taking lyrica?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by Johngg 1 answer

I have chronic back pain lumber region after multiple surges in the past my last surgery being in 2008 . I take Lyrica when required 1 x 50 mg is it an anti-inflammatory and can I take over the counter anti inflammatory Medication at the same time ?

Anybody on Pristiq had muscle stiffness and chronic back pain?

Posted 10 Jun 2015 by Dan26 3 answers

Hi, I've been 200mg of Pristiq for major depression, when my dose was upped I noticed I was getting a very stiff, very sore middle back and this is now causing other skeletal and muscular pain elsewhere. Has anybody else experienced this? It's been good for my depression and consistency ...

Hi, I have severe depression and OCD and chronic back pain. I've taken tramadol that is available?

Posted 8 Sep 2016 by ctrim80 2 answers

... here in the states and all the brands here are crap compared to 50 mg capsules of Tramal Brand I took in Costa Rica. I don't know, that brand gave me excellent relief and lasted for hours, it was a completely different feeling than stuff here in the states? What's up with that? Could ...

Where can I buy lidocaine patches from?

Posted 16 Aug 2018 by bevybee3 2 answers

This is for chronic back pain

I've been on 150-200mg of tramadol for chronic back pain for 3yrs now...need help with withdrawals?

Posted 26 Apr 2014 by jaydee97 2 answers

Am afraid to come off tramadol because of withdrawals need some advice plz:-)

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