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Clonide & Vyvanse give my 5 yr old nightmares, has anyone else had this, how can I help her?

Posted 10 Jul 2011 by jdg117 4 answers

My 5 yr old is on Clonide(catapres) HCL .1 mg and Vyvanse 20mg. She gets to sleep within 45-60 minutes after taking the clonidine but, she wakes up about 2-3 hrs afterward. She has also, been having vivid dreams and nightmares. Has anyone had any reactions such as this? What do I do to help her?

Can I take catapres(colnidine) and tramadol togeter successfuly for opiate withdrwal?cheeers.adam?

Posted 16 Sep 2009 by bodnik 1 answer

planning 6 day subutex detox follwed by a catapres and tramadol finish (with a silly 10mg diazapam a day... cheers doc!!! ) got a few 500/30 cocodamol as well... so does this combo sound ok??/

Clonidine - My 12yr old is on Catapres 100, how many milligrams should she be taking?

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by amandablues23 3 answers

Is 100mg too high a dose for a 12 yr old girl? She's been diagnosed with mild ADHD but now has been prescribed clonidine

"Catapres TTS" What does TTS stand for?

Posted 12 Sep 2011 by deareburgan 1 answer

Does catapress make you gain weight?

Posted 18 Jan 2012 by Jaq 2 answers

My psych prescribed me this for nightmares and sleeplessness as all other meds had no effect ie: diazapam, and xanax etc. i am worried about gaining weight from it. Thanks

Is catapress a narcoctic drug?

Posted 21 Jan 2013 by cerese 3 answers

Clonidine - Has anyone used Catapres for adult ADHD?

Posted 26 Dec 2013 by Yamalen 1 answer

I am concerned about taking this medication but heard it may help when stimulants are not available/workable. My concerns have to do with efficacy (does it actually work to reduce ADD symptoms and which ones?) and heart rate issues (I have average heart rate already). My other worry is ...

I have just been prescribed Catapres (clonidine) 100mcg- at a dose of a quarter of a tablet twice a?

Posted 23 Mar 2011 by renniesmum 1 answer

... day- for the relief of menopausal hot flushes (or flashes). Has anyone been on this, and have you had any success?

No blood pressure drugs do the trick. After being on everything under the sun, none work. Why?

Posted 3 Aug 2011 by hypo 1 answer

been on plendil, lotrel, diovan, zesteril, zestoretic, exforge, norvasc, and catapres. No medicine or combination does the trick and most don't help at all. Some costy a fortune and some make you feel like crap. none do anywhere near enough good. I am broke and can't keep running to the ...

Clonidine - Dosage Catapres TTS 1?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by Sprout138 1 answer

I have been on fentanyl patch 50 mag and Dilaudid for longer than I should have been, due to RA and spinal issues such as several disk herniations and fusion surgeries. My patches were stolen and due to the rules at my doctors office they will not be replaced. The doctor prescribed Catapres TTS 1 ...

How is the right measure for 2 years old child?

Posted 16 Apr 2010 by livia de jesus 1 answer

my babywas 18 months normal baby .she chocking ,had brain injure .its been 5 months now ,but i have been worried about her dose of this medicine its 0.3 patch and for me her dose of kepra is very high 450mg,how im going to expect her to walk since this medicine makes her sleep all the time

Catapres - does it make you sleepy as I work shifts?

Posted 20 Jan 2011 by biff65 1 answer

i haqve to take 50mg twice a day will i still be able to function at work

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