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Has anyone lost weight on Cartia XT?

Posted 11 Aug 2017 by Lynn 2, 0 answers

I accidentally took my Cartia xt 240/24hr cap 12 hours apart... what should I do?

Posted 16 Jul 2017 by pamelawoodson 1 answer

By mistake I took my blood pressure pill of Cartia XT 240mg , 24 hour time release capsule in 12 hours instead of 24 hours. Should I be worried or should I just take my pill later tomorrow?

Cartia XT - Cartia does not lower my bp?

Posted 1 May 2017 by Nina1968 0 answers

I take 240 once a day but with exercise on treadmill rate 188/96 / And resting heart rate 134/90 I'm concerned that the Cartia is not working

Cartia XT - How long does it take for cartia to show a improve in my afib?

Posted 23 Jul 2016 by D1r2c3 0 answers

Been taking cartia for a week still getting a irregular heartbeat

I have been on Diltiazem generic, (24 HOUR) CARTIA XT 240MG capsule for 3 years for afib doing well?

Posted 8 Dec 2015 by clara1922 1 answer

... I started having an increase in afib. So my NP decided to put me on Diltian 120 mg TABLETS instead. I started having body aches, survere muscle pain and cramping in my back legs and feet. My NP said it was just arthidis. but the pharmasis said I was probley alurgic to the inactave ingreadence. ...

Cartia XT - Does it take several days of this medication to get my BP to go down? This is day four?

Posted 17 Jan 2014 by dottie taylor 1 answer

Does it take several days for this med to get my BP down? This is day 4 and ... and it's still higher than normal for me. I'm taking 240mg of Cartia

Diovan hct?

Posted 17 Aug 2011 by omadoma 1 answer

i take diovan hct for high bp luss cartia xt for palpetations,dont these meds do the same thing?i never have much energy is this becouse of the meds?

Cartia XT - Since taking this drug I have been dizzy, tired & lightheaded. any feedback appreciated?

Posted 5 Sep 2011 by anyaaila 2 answers

It is worse when getting up and normal walking. This is consistant. I don't get a break from these feelings. Would appreciate and feedback. I keep trying to stay on it thinking this might go away

I am 41 and know I have angina , I also have a good cardio dr. and good dr patitent for 14 years?

Posted 16 Apr 2011 by caudell 1 answer

I am wondering why this drug was discontinued ? I have it now and would like to hear more about others that are back on it or if you have been on it,more than a day

Cartia XT - Is there a patient assisted program for this?

Posted 20 Oct 2010 by patlae 1 answer

I am taking Cartia 180mg xt, is there a patient assistance program, as I will be without ins. the end of Oct

Where can I find my prescription Cardizem CD?

Posted 20 Aug 2010 by Cherokey 1 answer

I was taking Cardizem CD 180mg and CVS switched it to Cartia XT, now I have alot of side effects and would like to find out how to get the Cardizem CD again and still have my insurance pay for the medicine.

I have been taking 360 MG of Cartia XT for a few months. Can this cause a serious bowel problem?

Posted 19 Jun 2010 by granny8plus2 1 answer

I was recently hospitalized for an acute UTI which affected my bladder, kidneys and bowels. I was told that Cartia XT would most likely cause constipation. I can't help but think that this drug had something to do with my condition. Has anyone else experienced this condition. I had nausea and ...

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