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Cardiomyopathy Questions

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Heart Failure - Is the combination of digoxin and high potassium levels dangerous?

Posted 11 May 2018 by LLLois 1 answer

Patient has congestive heart failure which is a result of having cardiomyopathy.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - I have the gene can it turn in to hcm?

Posted 18 Jan 2018 by Looplynda 0 answers

I have 4 sisters with hcm I have the gene,My nephew and sister has passed away with hcm, my sister and niece have defib. I have passed on to 2 of my 3 children. I'm scared

Why would I be put on Pregabalin Teva, when I don,t have epilepsy and generalized anxiety disorder,I

Posted 3 Oct 2017 by Stoger 1 answer

... have had a numb knee, for the last 2 years and am on 25mg which will go up to 300 a day, I have cardiomyopathy DCM and I,m on 20 tablets a day already, l have Radiculopathy, I feel terrible! I,m on Laxido Orange, Paracetamol, Calcichew D3 Forte, Finasteride, Aspirin, Risedronate sodium, ...

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - I just been diagnosed with hcm a couple of months ago I am scared?

Posted 3 Mar 2016 by Carl1980 1 answer

... confused and nervous i want to exercise to loose weight but don't know what i can do or what i cant do any help please

Naproxen - I'm a sufferer of cardiomyopathy n have just seen a doc?

Posted 23 Mar 2016 by Mark4848 0 answers

About my severe back pain he prescribed me naproxen is it safe to use with my heart medication

Cardiomyopathy - Is Carvedilol safe while breastfeeding? if not what are the safer alternative?

Posted 28 Sep 2015 by acur8dba 1 answer

... drugs? I have PPCM from pregnancy and am breastfeeding while taking lasix and enalapril, my cardiologist is insisting i also begin carvedilol. I cant find research on breastfeeding detrimental effects on infant (5 months) and the drug. I am building up anxiety trying to decide as I can't ...

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - I am 70 years old and been suffering with severe back pain for the?

Posted 28 Aug 2015 by justinepop 1 answer

... last 4 months. I have a pace maker and I also have HCM. I am not able to take the pain medicines that are prescribed as they interact with my heart medicine. What can I do for the chronic pain

Does long term usage cause blindness?

Posted 16 Mar 2015 by chefd55 1 answer

Have been taking for 12 years straight now for chronically bad knees( need replacement but have cardiomyopathy and doctors won't approve the surgery), and have gone blind. Eye doctor said the cataracts look like they were caused by chemicals(or drugs), however he wouldn't come out and ...

Ritodrine - In 1989 my Dr. Put me on a IV drug and admitted me after he had closed my cervix. Did?

Posted 3 Aug 2014 by Koreysheart 1 answer

... anyone have to lie in a inverted bed for weeks only to go home on Yutopar pill form and deliver a baby boy with heart problems

What is the difference between carvedilol, nebivolol, and metoprolol?

Posted 12 Jan 2013 by OR_Nightingale 1 answer

I have been taking atenolol for about 35 years for apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Due to articles I have read recently, I want to change to a different beta blocker, but don't understand the differences, except that carvedilol and nebivolol are vasodilators. I had some minor trouble with ...

I have just been diagnosed with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and I am confused and frightened?

Posted 27 Feb 2014 by Wassermann 3 answers

I can't seem to find a simple straightforward answer. Is it inevitable that I am just going to get sicker and die? How long will it take? Is there anything at all that I can do?

Congestive Heart Failure - I think I am going to die:i am a 35 yr old female with history of?

Posted 20 Aug 2013 by bloodbath 3 answers

... cardiomyopathy,CHF,endocarditis,pulmonary embolism,but have lived through all of that... but there is something else wrong now,my heart is beating so erratically consistently,can u please help me?

I have late onset cardiomyopathy - should I be taking simvastatin?

Posted 28 Jan 2014 by worth55 2 answers

is there more danger for me of increasing my thickening of the heart muscle ?

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