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Canal Stenosis Questions

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Back Pain - Is it difficult to get another pain doctor if one dismisses you? I’m in Kentucky?

Posted 6 days ago by Grits218 1 answer

Is it difficult to get into another pain doctor if one dismissed you? Will I go into a system where no doctor will treat my severe back pain?

What kind of surgery will I need (spine)?

Posted 10 Jul 2016 by MilkIII 0 answers

Disc osteophyte complexes with superimposed broad based disc protrusions at c5 c6 c6 c7 levels leading to mass effect on the ventral aspect of the spinal cord. Mild spinal canal stenosis noted at c6-c7 level. And degenerative joint disease,arthritis as well.

Recently had a MRI of the c spine?

Posted 14 Mar 2016 by Gkane 1 answer

Here is the text from the written report: at c5-6 there is a left paramedian disc protrusion which causes mild canal stenosis and mild flattenng of the left side of the spinal cord. There is minimal left foraminal stenosis. There is a linear increased signal in the disc protrusion consistent with ...

Hi gang! I've just opened a letter from the post, what ARE these terms that all sound?

Posted 24 May 2013 by MacIntosh12 9 answers

very confusing to me, what does "C 2-3 narrowing of neural foramina" mean? Also "central canal stenosis", "thecal sac (that just sounds dirty!) compressed to 7mm greatest AP dimension"? Here are some more for you wonderful dc folks, "narrowing of intervertebral ...

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