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Camrese - Not having my period during the placebos?

Posted 21 Oct 2016 by arianna_snow 1 answer

... months I was lightly spotting nearly the whole time then it stopped when I was on the placebos. Next 3 months, a short flow during 2nd month. no period during the placebos again. There's no possible way I can be pregnant. Is my system just still getting used to the hormones? Am I not ...

Camrese - spotting mixed with heavy bleeding3 weeks after starting Camrese for the past 40 days ?

Posted 4 Aug 2012 by angiei 1 answer

I started spotting mixed with heavy bleeding3 weeks after starting Camrese for the pass 40 days... is this normal? Is it likely to stop anytime soon, I still have 3 weeks before I start the yellow pills. I haven't had cramp since I was 17 y/o and this sucks and I'm very disappointed ...

Camrese - What will happen if my period doesn't come?

Posted 8 Nov 2015 by amanik123 1 answer

... instructions say you should have a period when taking the yellow pills. I haven't been feeling like my period is coming and I don't know if that's because of the blue ones. What happens if my period doesn't come?

Plan B while on the pill?

Posted 9 Nov 2017 by Michelle 81 1 answer

I have been taking Camrese for 12 years with out any problems until recently the past few months I have been having irregular bleeding and not feeling my normal self so I went to a hormone doctor she tested my hormones before getting my results back I had sex with my husband and started to worry ...

Ethinyl Estradiol/Levonorgestrel - Camrese, should I be worried if theres no spotting?

Posted 18 Jan 2012 by MsCheygirl55 1 answer

Im only on the 5th week and have had no spotting.. Should I be worried?! My doctor never told me I had to use a backup method and I was previously on ortho tri but with my hobbies cant have 1 week off every month. I did have sex on the first week but we pulled. Ive also had my skin break out and I ...

I take Camrese & I am spotting all the time & tired, could I be anemic?

Posted 23 Dec 2013 by ibridin 1 answer

I take my Camrese birth control every day at 7pm. I have been spotting on these pills since June. I go about 2 weeks into the pack without spotting then it goes non-stop throughout the days. Also, if I lay down, I usually fall asleep no mater how much sleep I had the night before.

Camrese - Im not sure if my brith control is working right?

Posted 25 Jul 2014 by bns0704 1 answer

Ive been on camrese for about a year now and Ive liked it so far but the past two times ive taken it so the past 2 months because its a three month pack. Ive started my period early or found that half way through my second month a brown discharge is occurring. Ive read that it could be from my old ...

Camrese - If I am just starting to take this birth control, when is the earliest I can have safe?

Posted 1 Aug 2014 by Jay26 1 answer

... sex without using any other method? The 7 days after being on the pill for the first time?

I've been trying the birth control Camrese (generic type version of Seasonique - 13 week pack). I?

Posted 22 Oct 2014 by gemi127 1 answer

... tried it for almost two months and I was having very bad side effects from it, so I just stopped taking it this past Friday. Since then I've been having very pain and cramping, as well as bleeding like a full period. Is this normal when coming off this type of pill?

On birth control (camrese extended low dose) sexually active?

Posted 19 Dec 2014 by hahiddbaod 1 answer

Ive been on birth control for over a year now and Im sexually active. but i haven't forgotten a pill. all of the sudden i start bleeding with little to no cramping or anything. this hasn't happened the whole time I've been on birth control. could this be breakthrough bleeding from ...

I have been bleeding for a week what do I do?!?

Posted 4 Mar 2015 by jennwaller23 1 answer

I just started the 3 month birth control pill camrese. it's my 3rd week in and I have had my period for a week. I haven't missed any pills and I have been taking every pill on time. Do you think I should call my doctor?

Pregnancy - I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend she's on the pill camrese she took the pill a?

Posted 5 May 2015 by Sob29 1 answer

... couple hours before we had sex. But she said Saturday the day we had sex was the day she was suppose to ovulate? I finished inside her. And then Sunday morning around 11 she took plan b? Am I protected or should I be scared

Seasonique - I accidentally started the wrong pill pack for my Camrese (generic)... I started the?

Posted 10 Jan 2017 by Karee91 1 answer

... last month instead of first. Does it matter what order? Do I just skip the yellow and start back on the first month? And just use it like normal??

Been on Camrese for at least four years now. Pretty good with taking at the same time everyday. Two?

Posted 20 May 2015 by dnaylor 1 answer

... years ago I had a laser oblation. I started a new pack on Sunday (I'm four days in now), but I haven't stopped bleeding. My flow is heavier than last time, darker, and my cramps are still occurring. Please advise

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