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Bumex Questions

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Bumex - does bumetanide get low sugar levels?

Posted 17 hours ago by alibra109 0 answers

only on bumetanide 3 days and I am getting lower sugars is this possible? or is it my machine

Any one get a severe sore throat 2 hours after taking 2mg Bumex? My throat is so sore and painful, I

Posted 27 Jan 2016 by Heidi7242 0 answers

... can't swallow, it's like trying to push a marble through a needle sized hole. I have taken 3 doses and stopped because my throat is only getting worse

Exalgo - Chronic constipation and what to take?

Posted 13 Apr 2013 by cassienino 9 answers

I am on 2 mg of bumex and 8 mg of exalgo. I am also potassium deficient and take 60 meq a day. What could I possibly take for extreme constipation without lowering my potassium too much! If increasing water consumption is your answer, this will not work because it will be excreted out with the ...

Is Bumex superior to Lasix?

Posted 5 Jun 2013 by PLillian 1 answer

I am on Lasix 120mg + per day for fluid retention secondary to heart failure created during valve surgery. I am concerned re Lasix's role in deafness.Literature on Lasix's role in deafness is equivocal (I have only one hearing ear; the acoustic nerve in the other ear was destroyed during ...

What is the maximum daily dosage of metolazone that can be taken along with 2 mgs of Bumex?

Posted 26 Aug 2012 by Bulls Eye 1 answer

My Doctor is recommending that I increase the Metolazone to 7.5 mgs along with the Bumex, because the edema is not improving.

Bumex - has anyone had ringing in ears or hearing loss while on diuretics?

Posted 25 Apr 2012 by helenpetipren 1 answer

while on bumex has anyone had above side effects?

Bumex doesnt work for me why?

Posted 11 Dec 2011 by virginia h.johnston 1 answer

im on 2mg have been for 3days its doesnt seem to be working for me,my wt increased,im retaining fluid,i went from 190# in 10 days to 199. should i go back to my 80mg lasix?when i was taking it my wt was 187 to 192

Does bumex lower blood pressure?

Posted 18 Jun 2011 by PAULA1226 1 answer

Hypokalemia - I'm been hypokalemic for 3 yrs. now. I've had trouble with water retention and have?

Posted 28 Sep 2009 by Stinsoneer 1 answer

... experimented with my Dr. using several diuretics to drop water and lower my BP. Bumex helps best. Many of the drugs I was allergic to, giving me hives. The K issue got progressively worse, and now I am taking nearly 100 meq daily. Often I will wake up in the night with leg and back cramps, take ...

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