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Bromocriptine Questions


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I've been so fatigued, lethargic, depressed especially since taking 4× 2.5 mg of bromocriptine at...

Posted 8 Apr 2018 by Asholey 2 answers

... night. Feel confused in what I say or have problems figuring out what someone else is saying; doesnt make sense right away. What kind of questions should I be asking the dr or her to me basically so I can feel better?

How long does Bromocriptine take to work? My levels were 74 in June, started taking 5mg. Retested in

Posted 3 Oct 2012 by humblegirl77 1 answer

... August 2013 they only went down to 54. Increased dose to 10mg and go back in October 2012 to retest. Help

When do periods come back when taking bromocriptine?

Posted 19 Oct 2016 by Mum2Zs 0 answers

I've been taking bromocriptine for 2 months for overproduction of prolactin, which has made me miss menstruating for over a year. How long before I can expect to have a period again?

Took my morning pills last night by mistake?

Posted 22 Jul 2016 by CarmenSald 0 answers

Do I take them this morning like usual lisinipril and bromocriptine

Bromocriptine - when will the breast milk stop while on bromocriptin?

Posted 20 Aug 2014 by abiigold 1 answer

hello all, i am 28 years of age, my son is 3yrs 4mnth and i have not been able to conceive. Doctor said it was because of my high prolactin because my breast when pressed still has milk. I have been on bromocriptine now six weeks but am scared, the milk when i press my breast still comes out. Does ...

Bromcriptine vs. Cabergoline: Side Effects for 46 Year Old Man With Prolactinoma?

Posted 29 Aug 2015 by PreparedEagle 0 answers

My background is that I'm 46, very happily married for 8 years, have 2 stellar pre-school age children, solid professional career, deeply rooted in my Christian faith, live in the southern United States, and have an overall healthy lifestyle. But 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a small to ...

Bromocriptine - Bromoctiptine and depression?

Posted 13 Jun 2015 by Alyonak89 1 answer

After reading reviews and side effects it seems that not many people who take bromoctiptine experience severe depression as a side effect. Unfortunately, I cannot go on with bromoctiptine for more than 2 weeks at a time due to the severe depression it causes. I had the same issue with cabergoline. ...

Birth Control - I was prescribed bromocriptine for two months and stopped on my own for a month, my?

Posted 20 Sep 2014 by fanyamagode 1 answer

... gynea asked me to resume immediately she heard I had stopped since my prolactin level was still high. The question is that, is it safe that I have resumed taking the drug? And have included fertilAid?

Is bromocriptine needed after menopause for prolactinomas?

Posted 3 Apr 2014 by boomerldb 1 answer

I've taken bromocriptine for about 20yrs. to treat prolactinoma. After 10yrs w/o a period I had one and got pregnant,then never had another one. I had my daughter. Two yrs. later I had a hysterectomy causing... surgical menopause. Throughout this time my prolactin levels were tested, ...

Cabergoline - has anyone suffered dizziness and balance problems taking this drug?

Posted 12 Mar 2013 by k7e3a1 1 answer

Hi everyone, I am 65 years of age and reside in the uk. I have roatated between carbergoline and bromocriptine for approx 16 years Now currently taking half of tablet per week. Have suffered with palpitations in past, my question is has anyone suffered dizziness and balance problems taking this ...

Bromocriptine - Is this medicine guaranteed to bring back your menstrual cycle?

Posted 16 Dec 2009 by SMJ35 1 answer

I'm hoping to get my period back because I haven't had one in almost 4 years. My prolactin level is at 300. Will these pills work?

I have got pitutiary tumor. My prolactin level stand at 34. Should l start taking bromocriptine?

Posted 27 Apr 2010 by indhlovu 1 answer

For the past 4 months l have gone natural and alternative medication. l do not show any signs that the tumor is growing or is making me sick. My other 5 hormones associated with the pituatary gland are almost normal except the prolactin. After reading the side effects of this drug l am not ...

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