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Bethanechol Questions

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Duration of treatment of bethanechol for under active bladder and post surgery?

Posted 12 Apr 2018 by Vinod S Prabhu 0 answers

Recommended duration of bethanechol treatment

Bethanechol - I've been taking bethanechol for a week. When will I see results?

Posted 8 Sep 2017 by nell73 0 answers

My doctor says the muscles in my bladder are weak. I'm not emptying my bladder fully.

Bethanechol - Any suggestions on how to counteract side effects?

Posted 15 Jul 2016 by mauisc 0 answers

I have been on this for 1 week for an underactive bladder. I was experiencing dizziness, hot flashes, weak muscles, extreme fatigue. I started on 25 mg. 3x/day .The doctor switched me to 10 mg. starting today. I am still extremely dizzy. The morning pill is the worst. Suggestions???

I have a Foley catheter now and my MD wants me to try Bethanechol for 5 days before we remove the?

Posted 29 Apr 2016 by Mikelh 0 answers

... catheter. My concern is that I may get bladder spasms if the bladder muscles contract and come into contact with the Foley balloon. Should I worry about this?

Bethanechol - How do you treat severe chronic nausea as a result of being prescribed bethanicol?

Posted 21 Aug 2015 by Tatiana06 1 answer

My mom was prescribed bethanicol 150mg daily two months ago. She only tolerated it for one week due to severe nausea. She has been suffering for two months now from nausea and her life is literally miserable. Any advice?

My Cat was just put on Bethanechol for his Urinary Tract Disease, how long for this to work?

Posted 22 Sep 2013 by chaoticorder7 1 answer

When would he start to show less troubles urinating? He has only had two doses since being seen, but is still showing a large amount of strain and discomfort. Any information about this would be a huge help, i feel so badly for him.

Any known cases of increased blood pressure from long term usage?

Posted 12 Oct 2012 by jlchase26 2 answers

After taking the medication for one year my blood pressure has recently increased significantly. Nothing in my routine has changed. 48 hours after not using Bethanechol it is much better.

Bethanechol - the vet put my cat on this med will it cause him not to eat?

Posted 21 Aug 2011 by njmurphy 2 answers

my gat got really sick and he has crystals in his bladder he was unable to urinate brcause a crystal blocked his bladder the vet was going to put a cather in him but upon trying this the crystal passed. Now he has to be on special food and he wont eat anything

Can I take Bethanechol and Prevacid together?

Posted 2 Dec 2010 by josky 1 answer

Or should I take of them first?

Does bethanechol chloride have any curative effect? Is there any danger in taking it long-term?

Posted 21 Jan 2010 by wilrib 1 answer

I am taking bethanechol chloride (generic for Urecholine) to counteract urinary retention due to a swollen prostate and some scar tissue that formed at the bladder neck after a TURP operation. Apparently, the muscles in the bladder have become weak over time, due to urinary retention caused by the ...

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