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Benzaclin Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Benzaclin' topic.

Benzaclin - what do you do if it burns a lot?

Posted 9 Jul 2017 by vanessa134 1 answer

Benzaclin - Does it cause your skin to peel?

Posted 4 Oct 2016 by Catsrc00l 0 answers

When I picked up this product from the pharmacy today the pharmacist told me my face would peel and look worse before it looked better. In all the reviews I read, no one said s of small bumps on my forehead and I don't have sensitive skin if that even makes a difference. If anyone's face ...

Benzaclin - Do I put it on after I clean and dry my face or while my face is wet?

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by Princessnixx99 0 answers

Pharmacist didn't really explain if I should put it on while my face is wet or dry. Also, do I put it on and let it sink in or put it on then wash it off right after? If I wash it off right after do I used cold or warm water?

Benzaclin - is benza clin enlarging your pores?

Posted 18 Aug 2016 by Shaquille 0 answers

Mine are getting huge. They were never as visible before

Can benzaclin bring out pimples under the skin at first?

Posted 2 Dec 2015 by Jj9699 0 answers

I put on aczone, benzaclin, and a light mosturizer morning and night, and I have noticed since starting the benzaclin my acne has cleared up and not many new pimples have formed, although in places where I had dark spots and felt like a pimple was underneath my skin a few pimples have surfaced. Is ...

Benzaclin - when you put the gel on your face, do you wash . it off or wait ?

Posted 17 Sep 2015 by twin1234 0 answers

I'm confused lol. I think I'm doing it wrong

Aczone - Why is it turning brown when I apply it???

Posted 14 Feb 2014 by creatonix 1 answer

So i was prescribed to take benzaclin at night and aczone in the morning, i always wash my face before i apply it. Is this normal?

BenzaClin with pump - What is the proper way to assemble the pump mechanism?

Posted 19 Apr 2010 by rcolont 1 answer

The instructions say to reassemble the jar with the pump mechanism and for some reason the method does not seem to be apparent to me.

In what order do you apply the gel and moisturizer vile?

Posted 1 Dec 2009 by feishead 1 answer

My doctor did not tell me this was a kit- mine has the benzaclin gel in a pump format and also these viscontour moisturizing viles - He didn't mention the moisturizer at all... The prescription directions just says to apply at bedtime--however I don't imagine you use both at the same ...

What is the drug category of benzaclin?

Posted 23 Jan 2010 by dawn38 1 answer

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