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Benign Liver Tumor Questions

Related terms: Focal nodular hyperplasia, Liver Tumor, Benign, Hepatic adenoma, Hepatic hemangioma, FNH, Hepatocellular adenoma, Liver hemangioma, Hemangioma of the liver, Cavernous hepatic hemangioma, Infantile hemangioendothelioma, Multinodular hepatic hemangiomatosis

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Ethinyl Estradiol/Levonorgestrel - Long term use for endometriosis and hepatic adenoma?

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by Bluebuttterfly 0 answers

I was recently diagnosed with 4 hepatic adeoma's in my liver (the largest is a hair under 5cm). I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and placed on BC when I was 13, so I've been on it for 21 years now. Mostly levonorgestrel, but also Yaz, Yasmin and ortho tricycline. They took me off ...

Benign Liver Tumor - I was diagnosed with a liver hemangioma in 1998. It has been stable with no?

Posted 22 May 2013 by 091872 1 answer

... symptoms until a few months ago. It is now growing/changing and is 4.2cm. I am also having really bad swelling/pain in my abdomen. When would surgery become beneficial and/or needed? And, has anybody had surgery for this? If so, how did it go?

Benign Liver Tumor - My 20 Yr old has a HUGE hepatic liver tumor and we are sure it was caused by?

Posted 23 Feb 2011 by CJsLiverTumor 2 answers

... Seasonale/Seasonique. It needs to be removed. Causing many other issues besides blockages and other growths. Anyone else with this? Anyone else's caused by meds.?

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