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Skyla - Getting Married in 8 weeks?

Posted 16 Aug 2017 by fall13 1 answer

Hey all! I am 26 years old, no kids, and getting married in 8weeks. Ive been on birth control pills (Kariva, Azurette, then LoLoestrin FE due to migraines) for the last 9 years. I've done a ton of research on the skyla and would really like to try it. My main concern is the time frame between ...

Ethinyl Estradiol/Norgestimate - Is azurette a good bc for clearing up bad acne?

Posted 9 Mar 2017 by Melc50 0 answers

I have been having bad acne and got azurette to hopefully clear it up this is my first time on bc in yrs?

Azurette - Sick during "inactive" week?

Posted 7 Feb 2017 by E123 0 answers

This is my first month taking Azurette. When I started I didn't notice many side effects. My skin did start to break out a little bit around my chin, but I'm not sure if that's from stress or the pill. Anyways, I'm on day 3 of my "inactive pills" and I just started my ...

Missed Last Active Pill, Started New Pack Day Early but then Skipped One, Any Pregnancy Risk?

Posted 16 Feb 2016 by Kittykat13 1 answer

Hi ladies, your help is appreciated! Kind of wigged out. I'm on Azurette (21 days of active pills, 7 placebo days). Due to the weekend coming and seeing my boyfriend, I wanted to make my period come earlier, and I did NOT take my last active pill. My period came a day early and lasted 3 days ...

Azurette - Has anyone experienced depression?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 by asdfghelpmeout 1 answer

I've been on Azurette for a month now and I've been extremely held back from normal activities, never want to leave my room, I cry a lot more, I'm more closed off, hardly talk to my family & friends, my hobbies don't interest me anymore, I'm just always sad.

Cramps while on azurette, do they go away, or should I switch?

Posted 23 Aug 2016 by sarahb48035 0 answers

I've only been taking the Azurette for about three weeks now and since the 2nd or 3rd day I've been experiencing cramps, from mild to severe. I've also been very emotional and have gained some weight. I'm more bothered by the cramps. Does anyone know if the cramps will go away ...

Hi, I started taking my azurette birth control as soon as I got it. I didn't realize I was supposed?

Posted 22 Jul 2016 by SeverusSnape08 0 answers

... to wait until my period. Is this okay? I've googled quick starting birth control and I've seen that it's alright to do but I can't find anything about doing it with azurette. I also should mention I've been experiencing very light bleeding for the last week or so and I ...

Azurette - Brwon discharge and irregular bleeding?

Posted 28 May 2015 by scapion 1 answer

Hi I started taking Azurette for the first time in my life (first time on the pill ever) on the day my period started. It usually last 5-7 days with the first and last two days being less but the days in between heavy bleeding. I had sex on the 4th day and it is now 13 days since my period started ...

After having first period on birth control I am experiencing cramping and brown discharge... Normal?

Posted 26 Dec 2014 by Ms_NEWTON 1 answer

I am on my second pill pack of Azurette but I am still experiencing strange cramping that tends to be mainly on my left side, and spotting/brown discharge. I also was on an antibiotic, and had unprotected sex however took a plan be 1.5 days after... All of this took place about a week before my ...

Take birth control perfectly/pulls out/late period?

Posted 12 Mar 2014 by Hannahbasel94 1 answer

So I've been on the pill for a year and a half, in that time I've only missed 1 pill, and that was last year. Anyway I've been sexually active with my boyfriend for 3 months and I have taken my azurette PERFECTLY. I was 10 minutes late taking it due to a panic attack. But still I ...

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - "I started my period on December 21, 2014.took Azzurette the same day. 2

Posted 7 Jan 2015 by brandiitneka 1 answer

... weeks later, and I am still bleeding. 3 days of white pills left. what do i do"

I think I may have ovulated right after my period?

Posted 10 Dec 2014 by checking1 1 answer

I started my 1st pack of azurette on the 1st day of my period at 12a. I us ally have a 31 day cycle and it's been consistent with that pattern til now and it completely stopped at 5days. I noticed I had eggwhite cm like the next 2 days after my period ended by the 3rd day it was clear stretchy ...

Will Protonix affect my birth control?

Posted 7 Feb 2014 1 answer

I have been prescribed Protonix to help with a new disease I just found out I have called esinophilic esophagitis disease (EoE). I am also on Azurette birth control to monitor periods and protect myself. Can Protonix affect my birth control pills?

Azurette - On third month of taking azzurette and I am on the second to last day of the reminder?

Posted 18 Jul 2014 by Roxxy33 1 answer

... pills. My boyfriend and I always use condoms also. Is that normal to not have my period yet? I'm getting nervous that I may be pregnant

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