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Should Azor be taken in the morning or evening?

Posted 16 Jun 2018 by rrwm 0 answers

I also take lopressor 25mg in morning and lasix 20 mg in the morning

What time of day do you take Azor?

Posted 21 Mar 2018 by Smitty823 0 answers

When switching from brand name drug to generic, are side effects typical?

Posted 1 Mar 2017 by NeeNee21 1 answer

I've been taking Azor for my blood pressure for 5 years now. Recently, my dr refilled my prescription and the pharmacy gave me a generic version of Azor. I have had a headache everyday since taking it and am having extreme bouts of dizziness and lightheadedness. Is it common to have such side ...

Just started Azor, when can I expect results. BP still 166/101?

Posted 22 Mar 2017 by Bgerb 0 answers

Was taking norvasc 5mg & BP spiked this week to 207/117! Dr prescribed Azor 5/40 & have been taking for 3 days. BP is still 166/101. How long does it typically take to lower BP?

Which of the two medications in Azor lowers the systolic blood pressure?

Posted 19 Mar 2016 by slaibl 0 answers

I cannot afford to buy the Azor prescriptions and the generic equivalent causes side effects. Without it my blood pressure is about 155/68. Can I take only one these medications to lower the systolic pressure and will it help with the side effects which are excessive fatigue.

Can I take lisinopril 20mg, azor 10mg/40mg, triamt/hctz 37.5-25mg all at the same time or best times

Posted 18 Apr 2016 by Misscheyanne 0 answers

... to take each? I have not taken lisinopril yet but I take the other two in the morn cause I know the triamt/hctz is a diurectic. I am a little nervous of taking all 3 together. I have heard some were better to take at nite and some in the morn.

Is a generic equivelent for azor?

Posted 2 Dec 2011 by joeykuzzy 3 answers

want to know if there is a cheaper/generic alternitive for this drug? I do not have insurance and it is very expensive.

Can I take Viagra if I am taking azor?

Posted 11 Apr 2014 by marine8511 1 answer

are there any adverse side effects from taking both azor and Viagra at the same time?

Azor - I haven't been able to get my medicine all month and won't be able to until nxt wk. My bp was

Posted 21 Aug 2014 by trio30 1 answer

... down to like 117/79. I checked it today and it was like 148/83. I hope nxt wk when I get my refill that it will go back to the normal. I wonder will it make any difference even after a month of non use?

Does Azor cause Ed or errection problems in men?

Posted 6 Jul 2012 by cynyce 1 answer

How long does Azor stay in your system ?

Posted 6 Feb 2012 by BNice 1 answer

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