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Has anyone had any trouble switching from Aviane to Orsythia?

Posted 4 Feb 2012 20 answers

My pharmacy switched me to Orsythia (I had been taking Aviane) when I went to get my refill. I know they are both generics of Alesse, but since I've had such trouble in the past with birth control, and was doing great on Aviane with no side effects at all, I'm a bit nervous. Has anyone ...

Took birth control for only 1 month/pack, am I pregnant?

Posted 6 Jul 2013 1 answer

Started the pill (Aviane) at the beginning of May (2013) and didn't really like it so I stopped after I finished the pack. I had unprotected intercourse after I had been on the pill for 1 week as recommended by my doctor and last had unprotected sex on the last day of the last active pill back ...

Is aviane the same thing as lutera?

Posted 29 Dec 2009 1 answer

Aviane - Has anyone missed there periods while on this?

Posted 9 May 2013 1 answer

I started aviane in about January ... Every thing ha been normal til last month.. I didn't have a period just spotting for about 2 days.. Was that my period? & also this month I'm almost done with my 3rd week of pills & I still haven't had my period??? When will I get it , ...

Can you stop having a period while on Aviane?

Posted 7 Jun 2013 2 answers

I've been on the pill for about 2 months, the first month was fine. When i started taking my white pills i got my period on the 3rd pill. I was very emotional, cried a lot about anything. Once i started my next pack of pills i was fine. I am currently on my 5th white pill and still ...

Should breakthrough bleeding on Aviane be this long?

Posted 24 Aug 2011 1 answer

I have been on Aviane for three packs now, and its mostly gone pretty well. I have had few side effects; no major weight gain (only a couple pounds), my cramping has lessened, and although my eating habits are changing, I could attribute that to recent stress about moving out and whatnot. My main ...

Aviane and spotting - how long will the spotting last?

Posted 23 Oct 2012 2 answers

I just started Aviane to regulate my periods earlier this month. I got my period on a Saturday, and started my first pack the next day (Sunday). I haven't had any issues until yesterday (Monday) when I unexpectedly got some spotting. I'm currently on week 3 of my 28 day pack. The spotting ...

How long does it take for Aviane to be affective ?

Posted 30 Jul 2009 1 answer

I have heard 2 weeks. I have also heard it can take up to one month ...

Is there a pill similar to Aviane that isn't as expensive?

Posted 19 Sep 2011 1 answer

I love Aviane and I have no complaints! But I'm wondering if there is another pill similar that isn't as expensive, perhaps a generic??

What are the chances of pregnancy with one missed pill?

Posted 12 Apr 2013 1 answer

I have been on the same birth control for over 2 years now (aviane or orysthia). Have never missed a dose or been late. I started my newest pack on Sunday, March 24. My husband and I had intercourse two days later on Tuesday night (March 26) around 11 p.m. I somehow forgot to take a pill two days ...

Aviane - 2 missed pills (non-consecutive days) in week 2 and one day period -- am I pregnant?

Posted 19 Jan 2012 1 answer

This is my first month on Aviane. During week 2, I accidentally missed 2 pills (non-consecutive days--like a Tuesday and Thursday, quickly making up for them Wednesday and Friday, respectively). Six days after the second missed pill, I stayed with my boyfriend and we used our backup method, ...

Junel Fe 1/20 - recently switched to junel fe and am spotting everyday?

Posted 11 Feb 2014 1 answer

... I was on aviane for two months and during that time, my period was coming a week early(and that never happened before), but now that Im on junel fe, I spot everyday since I take the pill and my breasts have been sore. I have sex without a condom and have only had one partner but have never ...

Lo Loestrin Fe - Has anyone noticed hair loss with this birth control?

Posted 5 Nov 2014 2 answers

I am currently taking avaine and I think it is causing me to lose scalp hair. Trying to find a new bc that doesn't cause that or migraines.

Is it safe to take Aviane continuesly? Can you skip week 4 pills?

Posted 7 Jun 2012 1 answer

Can you skip week 4 and go straight to the next packet to skip having your period all the time.?

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