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Avandia Questions

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Diabetes, Type 2 - What is a good Actos alternative?

Posted 15 Sep 2011 by Schleyer 2 answers

Actos and Avandia may cause cancer. I take metformin and amaryl, too.

Are you a woman with type 2 diabetes?

Posted 3 Feb 2013 by kaismama 3 answers

I was sent this info today. Its only one study so its not the thing to cause panic, but it should cause watchfulness if you are on one of these meds. It is about meds like actos and avandia. Researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and the University of East Anglia found that ...

What is the latest on the avandia lawsuit?

Posted 13 Apr 2012 by esglover60 2 answers

Is Avandia linked to fatty liver disease, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, and / or organ damage?

Posted 20 Sep 2010 by Jenna050505 1 answer

I had an adverse reaction to Avandia gaining over 60# of excess fluid which included a 15 # gain in less than a week after my dossage was doubled from 4 mg to 8mg. I eneded up in the ER with chest pains. Heart Cath turned up normal, was taken off avandia and put on medformin and januvia. Within ...

I was taking the drug Avandia for about 4 years. I developed a blockage of AOD artery in my heart.?

Posted 8 Jan 2011 by scottshjefte 1 answer

... The blockage is about 70-90%. My question is have other people who have taken Avandia developed this condition? If so how have they responded to treatment and what other drugs have they taken to treat the blockage. My condition is a split of the inner linning in the artery and is not treatable ...

Can Edema and weight gain be caused by some oral hypoglycemic meds?

Posted 22 Aug 2010 by restingator67 1 answer

66yr old takes metformin, avandia, glipzide contol DM type 2 , A!C's usually in 6 range, has severe swelling in left lower leg ( not heart failure) and little wt loss although eating less. had CABG done 10yrs ago, has CAD, takes coreg, could this edema and no wt loss be due to diabetic meds?

Is there a relationship between taking Avandia and A-Fib?

Posted 8 Oct 2010 by Elizabeth M 1 answer

Shortly after my husband began taking Avandia he developed A-Fib. Just wondering if it had anything to do with the drug.

I am trying to find out some information about the medicine , Advandia?

Posted 15 Jul 2010 by sterlingcc 8 answers

my husband has been on Avandia now for 2 months for his diabetes.He keeps a bad cough... shortness of breath... feeling tired & aching feeling all the time. We have told his family doctor about this... but with no help.He has had 4 stints but in in the last 3 years for heart disease & he ...

I am a type 2 diabetic and have been prescribed the drug avandia for quite a few years?

Posted 8 Nov 2009 by annie lass 1 answer

i understand there is an ongoing class action suit against the manufactors of this drug. as i am at a high risk to have a heart attack and as i have already suffered a stroke, would you please advise me, on another drug i could take hopefully generic, that would be a benifit to me, also please give ...

I just wonder if avandia can miss your skin up like its call pigment or something like that?

Posted 24 Oct 2009 by sharonann442003 1 answer

my mother is on avandia and my mother is indian she skin is turning white i just wonder if avandia is causing her skin to turn white

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