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Appendicitis Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Appendicitis' topic.

Help me I have real bad stomach/abdominal pain!?

Posted 10 Nov 2010 5 answers

Okay me friends i feel safe and will tell you what happened. I woke up about 3:00 with the worst pain i ever felt in my stomach area it feels really sore and hurts every time i walk. The doctors said i'm backed up but it really doesn't feel like thats whats wrong cause ive never felt pain ...

I've had abdominal pains for a week. With stomach pains all around. I had a Ct scan and my lymph in?

Posted 18 Apr 2014 by Jake hood 2 answers

... colon were swollen and appendix was slightly big but no signs of appendicitis, I haven't pooped today feels like I need to pass gas! I saw the doctor today and told me to take a suppository it said it would take 15-30 min to work it's been an hour and I can't poop what does that ...

Where is the appendix located in the human body?

Posted 2 Mar 2011 by hotgirl_710 1 answer

Show me a picture of the human body

Dulcolax - I am on Entrolax which is also bisacodyl I don't think I have appendicitis symptoms or?

Posted 5 Feb 2017 by DMB2017 3 answers

... ileus symptoms but I have a low stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen

Can giving my 9yr daughter zofran for vomiting cause future issues?

Posted 20 May 2015 by deedrinhouser 2 answers

My 9yr old daughter was in the hospital due to sevee abdominal pain and vommitting. They thought it was appendicitis but her lymph nodes were swollen from a viral infection. She was given zofran, they said will reduce vomiting. It made her feel more nauseated. She broke out in hive complainedof ...

Appendicitis or trapped wind?

Posted 21 May 2016 by xclairebell 1 answer

I've had pain in my lower right side for the last 12+ hours, it hurts a lot when I move and lie down, changing position when sitting down doesn't help. The pain is sharp and also achy and when pressing my left side i can feel it in my right side if that makes sense but my stomach is ...

Which provider should my daughter see for Levaquin induced tendonitis and severe fatigue?

Posted 8 days ago by Jreitz 0 answers

She took 750 mg tabs x4 and is 95 lbs. she was treated fr appendicitis

Appendicitis - I have been experiencing sharp pain to the left of my belly button that takes my?

Posted 1 Sep 2014 by fatherson 2 answers

... breath away what can this be?

Can appendicitis symptoms last more than a week?

Posted 1 Dec 2014 by gfalconzzzxxx 1 answer

started with gas and diarrhea about a week ago I have some pain and discomfort bloating in abdomen

Could it be a miscarriage, ovarian cyst, or appendicitis?

Posted 16 Aug 2017 by PandaCity 1 answer

When I guess I started my period. It was Thursday but it quickly went from red to brown and remained spotting even now. I'm having stomach pain but it really hurts when I lay a certain way. Some positions are fine but when I apply pressure to my hip, I feel pain. The area below my belly ...

Can you take metronidazole a few days after you had your appendix removed?

Posted 16 Aug 2013 by adio 1 answer

I had appendicitis and had my appendix removed a week ago I forgot to ask the doctor if I could take metronidazole gel. Should I wait a couple more days or should I just go ahead and take it?

Appendicitis - I kept getting sent home with the " flu " for five days before being diagnosed with a

Posted 4 Jan 2014 by Kitkat 067 1 answer

... ruptured appendix, gangrene had set in and I almost died, I have had nothing but health issue after health issue on and off for six years now. Achy joints , Celiacs disease . Is there anyone that has been through the same thing as I out there ? Just wondering if these are related to the ...

A friend of mine just had his appendix removed. He still has not had a bowel movement. Is it safe?

Posted 21 Aug 2014 by mariemills 1 answer

His appendix was removed 2 1/2 days ago, but has not had a bowel movement for 5 days. i read that it's not safe in cases of appendicitis, but since that was removed, is it ok now to take docusate?

My daughter was told she had an early appendicitis and was started on antibiotics. The pain is still

Posted 5 Sep 2016 by amomof2 1 answer

... present and she is now seeing mucus in her stool. Is this getting worse or is it the antibiotics? The low grade fever has gone. She has celiac so they did rule out obstructions with a lower GI.

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