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Aphthous Stomatitis - Recurrent News

Health Tip: Dealing With Mouth Sores

Posted 18 Jan 2016 by

-- Mouth sores usually go away on their own within a week, but one that lasts longer should be examined by a dentist or doctor. The American Dental Association mentions these possible causes: Having a fungal, bacterial or viral infection. Having irritation from sources such as a loose orthodontic wire, poorly fitted dentures or the sharp edge of a broken filling or tooth. Having a disease or disorder that produces mouth sores as a side effect. Read more

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Health Tip: Avoid Canker Sore Pain

Posted 3 Aug 2015 by

-- Canker sores are painful lesions that tend to develop inside the cheek or lips, on the gums or under the tongue. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers this advice to help ease canker sore pain: Avoid chewing gum. Steer clear of foods that are particularly spicy, crunchy or hard. Use a soft toothbrush after every meal, and floss daily to rid your mouth of lingering food. Talk to your doctor if you develop frequent canker sores. Read more

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