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No one can diagnose my problem. I have what I call (now dont laugh) the "heebeegeebees"?

Posted 17 Nov 2013 by 4 paws 4 answers

I feel like I have to give a speech or very anxious. I have been on dialysis for 1 yr. I no longer can sleep. I rock & roll, walk the floor all nite, rock in chair 100 miles an hr, cry because I want to sleep. I have taken stuff for restless leg, but dont have it in legs... comes in arms and ...

My panic/ anxiety is going crazy?

Posted 2 Nov 2011 10 answers

my anxiety is keeping me up all nite for days now, can only get couple hours of sleep if im lucky, my panic attacks are out of controll and i feel like im dying. please if anyone knows how to get thru this can i get some help. i was lying down and for some reason started to get this fear of dying ...

Gabapentin - Has anyone noticed they are sleepy?

Posted 26 Jun 2013 by Jjanae 3 answers

My doctor prescribed me 3--800 mg of neurontin per day. It makes me too sleepy. So I only take 1-800 mg at nite. The pain in my feet no longer keep me awake and sometimes I sleep all nite. I have noticed I seem to strain to read some print now or can't see it at all! Find this rather strange.

Sleep depravation?

Posted 10 Dec 2011 by machella 3 answers

Hi plse help I've been up all nite for oh idk days straight wks it feels like months though but looking for help because I can't sleep I eat once awk n when I do its just a small pprtion like a snack my bones r weak I feel like I'm dying and if I fidnt havr a kid id so wanna b right ...

Doxy Lemmon - medical burn on tongue, how can we treat this?

Posted 5 Jun 2011 by Keithd 1 answer

I woke my girlfriend up to take her last pill but she never swallowed the pill and slept with it in her mouth. Now she gas a green spot on her tongue where the pill laid at all nite . She was told it is a medical burn is there anythng we can do to speed the healing process or anything to make this ...

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