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What is the difference between Abilify and Abilify Maintena?

Abilify +ve effects except for restlessness and insomnia - what will happen if I increase my dose?

I am on the 10 mg/day dose. It has really improved my life lately by lifting my mood (was in major, apparently bipolar, depression) and decreasing my anxiety to where I can leave the house sometimes now (severe anxiety is apparently also caused by the bipolar). The only problem is it's really... read more

Abilify - Should I wean off or go cold turkey?

I was on 2-4 mg's of abilify at various different times for 5 years. I just tried to quit cold? turkey and have been having majorly unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Should I tough it out for a few days or go back up and try to wean off slowly?

Does Abilify cause weight gain?

Abilify 2mg to 5mg, making me shake bad?

i have been on abilify for 2 weeks, 2 mg. my doc wanted to me up my dose to 5 mg last night.. been shaking and tired all day. Had a bipolar breakdown in the first time in two weeks earlier.. It seems the 2 mg works great, but the 5 doesn't.. I am a little person, only weigh 105, and... read more

What Anti-depressant / SSRI can I take with Abilify?

I am currently taking 2mg of Abilify for a mood disorder, but it is not helping me with anxiety, what Antidepressant can I take that doesn't cause too much side effects and also no weight gain . I am not sure if Zoloft is safe with Abilify but I heard so many good reviews.

Can Zyprexa / olanzapine cause hyper anxiety and or restlessness?

My friend is taking this med and has not been herself since she has started taking it. Her anxiety is and has been off of the wall and she has not been able to organize a thought. This was NOT happening before she was introduced to it. She was anxious when she was first hospitalized but now her... read more

Vraylay vs Abilify - how do they compare?

I was recently prescribed Vraylar but I was leaning more towards Abilify. Which medication is better? How are they different? Any information would help!

Is Abilify the only anger, irritability, and agitation medication?

I take Prozac (20mg) and Abilfy (5mg) daily. I have maintained well on them for over 8 years, now i am very aggitated and irritated at everyone and everything. Generally not happy and get rage like when driving... is there another medication that might work well for me, or simply an increased dose?

Does the medication Abilify make most patients sleepy?

My provider added that to my list of medications and told me to take it in the am??? Why? I should probably call her today and verify. I'm already on 90 mg of cymbalta, 4mg of prazoin, 200 mg of seroquel, 5mg of valium twice a day. Should I take the abilify with the seroquel, cymbaLTA, and the... read more

Aripiprazole - how long does ability maintena stay in your system? (300mg injection)?

some doctors are saying the half-life is something like 75 hours or 375 hours to be completely out of you system (75x5) . whereas other sources are saying the elimination half life is something like 28 days, which would mean it takes roughly 144 days to be out of you system (28x5). which... read more

How long does the zombie like side effect of Abilify take to go away?

I started taking Tegretol 2 weeks ago (100mg am & 200pm pm), and now my doctor has added Abilify 2mg in the morning... I'm only on day two but I feel like a zombie. I have a headache, nausea and I everything feels like too much effort. I can't concentrate and conversations are... read more

Is it dangerous to just stop taking Abilify?

How long does it take for side effects of Abilify to wear off?

I started 10 mg of Abilify last night. I did not sleep well and woke up with nausea, vomiting, sweating, fatigue and more anxiety. If I stop now, how long will it take for the side effects to go away? Again, I've only taken 1 dose

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