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Aerosol Questions

We found 6 questions associated with the 'Aerosol' topic.

What is the replacement for MAXAIR (pirbuterol acetate - aerosol, metered;inhalation)?

Posted 23 Jan 2014 by vbjames 3 answers

I understand this product has been discontinued what replaces it?

Symbicort Turbuhaler - I have moderate copd and have used foradil until merck discontinued its?

Posted 1 Sep 2016 by mojotycoon 0 answers

... manufacture. I have used Symbicort inhaler aerosol but it made me hoarse and I couldn't talk normally. I am thinking about going to the Turbuhaler since I believe the PEG in the aerosol causes the hoarseness. Has any else had similar or the same experiences?

Solarcaine Aerosol - Will it help get rid of ringworm?

Posted 15 Aug 2015 by MomaT 1 answer

I have a ringworm on my leg and I read aloe will help get rid of it. All I have is solarcaine will it do the same

Primatene Mist - Just wondering how much in "gratuitous" compensation the committees that advise the

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by limeygent 1 answer

... FDA,and the various officials therein have received in order to keep suppressed the OTC aerosol meds that worked so well.Something stinks here.I am beginning to believe that Primatine will NEVER be allowed to be sold again and that the big drug companies will again be allowed to rake in huge ...

Percription lidocaine?

Posted 15 Feb 2015 by suffering mn 3 answers

I use the 5% lidocaine patch I have chronic neck and back pain. The patches don't cover large enough area, and don't stay on well, hard to put on by oneself. Is there a rx prescription aerosol spray

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