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A Drug Company's Gift Might Change How Your Doctor Prescribes

Posted 25 Oct 2017 by

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 25, 2017 – Gifts from drug companies can lead doctors and other health care providers to prescribe more brand-name and expensive medications, a new study finds. The researchers analyzed data from 2013 from nearly 2,900 health care providers in the Washington, D.C., area who issued prescriptions through Medicare Part D, the federal prescription drug program for people who are 65 ...

'Red Yeast Rice' Statin Alternative Not Harmless Either, Study Says

Posted 24 Jan 2017 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 24, 2017 – A natural cholesterol-lowering supplement called red yeast rice could pose the same health risks to users as statin drugs, a new study contends. Red yeast rice could increase risk of muscle injury or liver damage, Italian researchers reported after reviewing 13 years of patient data. "These findings raise the hypothesis that the safety profile of red yeast rice is highly ...

Many Young Adults With High Cholesterol Not on Statins as Recommended

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 4, 2017 – Too few Americans who need them – especially young adults – are getting cholesterol-lowering statin medications, a new study suggests. The study of nearly 3 million adults found that more than half of younger patients under 40 with too-high blood levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol are getting statins as recommended. "This article clearly articulates the under-usage of ...

Drug Combo for Irregular Heartbeat Might Raise Bleeding Risk

Posted 21 Nov 2016 by

MONDAY, Nov. 21, 2016 – Because the irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation can trigger stroke-inducing clots, many patients are prescribed a blood thinner. But a new Canadian study suggests that combining one blood thinner, Pradaxa, with certain statin medications could raise the odds for bleeding in these patients. "An increase in the risk of bleeding requiring hospital admission or ...

Negative News on Statins Tied to Dropped Prescriptions

Posted 2 Dec 2015 by

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 2, 2015 – News reports on the downsides of statins may push some people to stop taking the cholesterol-lowering drugs, a new study hints. The findings, published Dec. 2 in the European Heart Journal, cannot prove that media stories drive statin users to give up their prescriptions. Instead, Danish researchers found a broad correlation between "negative" media coverage and ...

One-Third of Americans Have Dangerous Mix of Heart Risk Factors

Posted 19 May 2015 by

TUESDAY, May 19, 2015 – More than one-third of U.S. adults have a combination of health problems collectively known as metabolic syndrome that increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to new research. What's worse, the researchers found the rate of metabolic syndrome increases dramatically with age. Almost half of people 60 or older in the United States have metabolic syndrome, ...

FDA Medwatch Alert: Statin Drugs - Drug Safety Communication: Class Labeling Change

Posted 29 Feb 2012 by

ISSUE: FDA has approved important safety label changes for the class of cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins. The changes include removal of routine monitoring of liver enzymes from drug labels. Information about the potential for generally non-serious and reversible cognitive side effects and reports of increased blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels has been added to the ...

FDA Adds Safety Warnings to Statins

Posted 28 Feb 2012 by

TUESDAY, Feb. 28 – The popular cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins will now come with revised labels warning of a slight increased risk of elevated blood sugar levels, which could lead to type 2 diabetes, as well as a warning on rare cases of confusion and memory loss, U.S. drug regulators said Tuesday. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which made the announcement, and health-care ...

FDA Medwatch Alert: Statin drugs and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Posted 30 Sep 2008 by

[Posted 09/30/2008] An FDA analysis provides new evidence that the use of statins does not increase incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." The FDA analysis, undertaken after the agency received a higher than expected number of reports of ALS in patients on statins, is based on data from 41 long-term controlled ...

Statins Lower Blood Marker for Prostate Cancer

Posted 30 Oct 2008 by

THURSDAY, Oct. 30 – A new study shows that men who take cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins have lower blood levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a biomarker for prostate cancer risk. That drop in PSA levels doesn't necessarily mean the drugs protect against disease however, researchers say. But it's possible that statins may offer some protection against the disease, said Dr. Robert ...

Statins Lower Risk of Clots in Cancer Patients

Posted 27 Oct 2008 by

MONDAY, Oct. 27 – A class of drugs widely used to lower cholesterol may have a future in preventing blood clots in patients with breast, lung, colon and other solid-organ cancers. Research from scientists at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia found that cancer patients taking statins had a lower incidence of clots than did patients not taking the medications. But experts ...

Statins Can Hinder Muscle Repair

Posted 25 Sep 2008 by

THURSDAY, Sept. 25 – Statins, taken by millions to lower cholesterol, may hinder the body's ability to repair muscles, University of Alabama researchers report. The most frequently reported side effect of statin therapy is fatigue, with about 9 percent of patients reporting muscle pain. As doses of the medication are increased, and physical activity is added, these effects can be more ...

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Won't Cause Cancer

Posted 20 Aug 2008 by

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 20 – Researchers who last year reported a possible link between cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and cancer now say that further analysis has disproved such an association. Statin medications include such blockbusters as Crestor, Lipitor, Pravachol and Zocor. "The bottom line is that there is no evidence from this work, the largest study published to date, that the ...

Statins Help Obese People After Bypass Surgery

Posted 15 Aug 2008 by

FRIDAY, Aug. 15 – Statins reduce the perils facing obese people after they have the bypass surgery that restores blood flow to an endangered heart, a study finds. The study was done to help settle a running controversy about the ill effects of obesity in such cases, said Dr. Christina C. Wee, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, co-director of research in the division of ...

Statins Might Reverse ED in Some Men

Posted 15 Aug 2008 by

FRIDAY, Aug. 15 – Statins might quickly help reverse erectile dysfunction among men who have metabolic syndrome, new animal research suggests. A threat to cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome is also known to raise the risk for erectile dysfunction (ED). The current finding indicates that statins may reduce levels of a specific protein that contributes to ED. "Each condition of metabolic ...

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