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Kids' Hemophilia Drugs a Big Part of State Medicaid Spending

Posted 31 Jul 2015 by

FRIDAY, July 31, 2015 – Treatment costs for one childhood illness, hemophilia, may use up a big chunk of a state's Medicaid budget, a new study out of California shows. The researchers found that treatments for hemophilia – a rare, inherited disorder in which blood does not clot normally – accounted for the largest share of spending on outpatient drugs among publicly insured children in California with serious chronic illnesses. The study "underscores the potential effect of new, expensive but [effective] pharmaceuticals on public insurance programs for children with chronic illness," wrote a group led by Sonja Swenson of Stanford University. Her team published the findings July 28 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers tracked 2010-2012 data from more than 34,300 publicly insured children and young adults under the age of 21 in California with serious ... Read more

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Kogenate FS Prevents Joint Damage in Young Hemophiliacs

Posted 10 Oct 2008 by

FRIDAY, Oct. 10 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Kogenate FS to help reduce bleeding episodes and prevent joint damage in children with hemophilia A, the most severe form of the disease. Hemophilia occurs when a protein that's needed for blood to clot is either deficient or missing entirely. Kogenate FS is a genetically engineered version of the deficient protein, known as factor VIII. The product was first licensed by the FDA in 1993 to control bleeding during or after surgery. Hemophilia A, which occurs almost exclusively in males, affects about 15,000 people in the United States, the agency said in a news release. When hemophiliacs are injured, they bleed longer than people without the disorder. When bleeding occurs in the muscles and joints of hemophiliacs, they are at increased risk of joint damage. The drug was clinically tested in 65 boys under 30 months of ... Read more

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