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Adenomyosis Questions

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Bulky uterus, adenomyosis, Luprorin-depot-375, Donor egg embryo transfer IVF - relations?

Posted 24 Jan 2018 by Mozgam 0 answers

One infertility doctor suspected adenomyosis after a physical exam (all tests including TVS, Hysteroscopy, and Pelvic USG reports normal except a bulky uterus) because i have a bulky uterus and gave me a shot of Luprorin-depot-375 yesterday to prepare for donor egg embryo transfer ivf in May, 2018. ...

Stopping Depo Provera-risks/side effects?-What can I expect?

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by carmar10 1 answer

I have been battling iron deficiency anemia since 2013(I am currently 49) and need iron infusions every 3-6 months. In quest to find an answer it was also determined I had possible adenomyosis and small fibroids. OB/GYN put me on Depo shot to stop bleeding to see if that contributed to my anemia ...

Lupron Depot - I started Lupron 7 weeks ago and my pain is worse?

Posted 23 Mar 2017 by LoBro1313 1 answer

I haven't had any real side effects that concern me except insomnia. But my pain is horrible. I am taking it because I have Failed Ablation Syndrome and Adenomyosis. Stopping the ovaries from releasing eggs is supposed to alleviate the pain. It is so bad right now, I was wondering if the pain ...

What to expect after a Hysterectomy?

Posted 24 Oct 2015 by Pippin07 1 answer

Im 21 & will be having a hysterectomy soon. I know im really young but i have seen 5 different doctors i have tried everything and nothing has helped me. I have Adenomyosis, Endometriosis & PCOS. If there is anyone out there who has had a hysterectomy for any of those conditions or ...

Lupron Depot - I gained 27 pounds in 3 months after starting the infections. I refused to receive?

Posted 2 Nov 2014 by jbgc 1 answer

... my last 2 shots of a 6 month series. The drug is horrible. Has anyone else experienced MAJOR weight gain? Major fatigue? If so, does the weight eventually come off? I work out and am fairly active, but I can't lose even 1 stinking pound right now. My breasts are HUMONGOUS now, too. I feel ...

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