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Acute Pain Questions

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Tramadol for diabetic neuropathy, but sometimes need acute pain relief?

Posted 29 Mar 2018 by BrianVA 0 answers

For the past 7 years (ish), I have taken tramadol for diabetic neuropathy. I have been at 400mg/day for most of that time. I also take lyrica, 200mg/day as an add-on / adjunct. I have tried tricyclic antidepressants in the past, but they gave me severe dry mouth, to the point I was wanting water ...

Do I have serotonin syndrome?

Posted 19 Apr 2017 by Job2 1 answer

I was prescribed with sertraline a couple of days ago to help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I was also prescribed hydroxyzine to help some sleep when I was having some acute pain or trouble sleeping. I was also told I could take some ibuprofen periodically to help alleviate my headaches. The ...

Acarbose - I have Reactive Hypoglycemia. I can control it with diet usually but every now and again?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 0 answers

it goes haywire. I have been given Arcabose tablets. They work very well n the control of sugars. But they give me great flatulence. I get acute pains from wind and become very sore. (very antisocial) Is there anything you know that can ease this please? I have tried quite a few things. Windeze is ...

TKR and stilll have acute and localized pain on inside of knee at 16 weeks post op?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by lzokc6 0 answers

I have acute pain on the inside of my knee with every step. Still walking with a cane and no amount of medication will help. I had MUA at 9 week and gained 20 degrees and have been slow to progress. I've seen a second surgeon who looked at me for about 5 minutes and sent me to a revision ...

Knee Joint Replacement - Both knees replaced in 2011?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by BrigitteC 1 answer

2 weeks ago suddenly got sharp pain in right knee. It hurt to stand and hurt after sitting. Acute pain has subsided but still very sore. Should I see my surgeon?

My mom is having acute pain of artheritise what medicine should I use to decrease the pain and cure?

Posted 31 May 2013 by 8962180320 2 answers

my mom is having acute pain of artheritise of knee what medicine should i use to decrease the pain and cure if possible,,plz let me know the brand name of the medecine and approx priice and dosage to be taken, i am a recident of india

Mine eyes!! Hi all, I've a very painful problem, my eyes are akin to "a skinned knee" only skinned?

Posted 6 Jan 2013 by MacIntosh12 10 answers

eyeballs! OUCH. I've seen the eye doc three times now. I've an allergy to the preservatives in the eye drops that the ER gave me to heal my eyes! I now must put this vaseline type gunk in my eyes, and use all natural tears, with no preservatives. This has been going on since October! But ...

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