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What if I miss a dose of Janumet XR?

Posted 6 May 2018 by tgm2017 0 answers

My refill of Janumet XR didn't get refilled on Sat. I don't have one for today. Is it okay to miss a dose? I take Actos and Farxiga in the morning.

Actos - What is the best medication for type 2 diabetes?

Posted 19 Jul 2017 by Alec1950 2 answers

Actos he's been seems to cause more problems than remedy

I take 14 units of lantus at night and generic actos 45 mg in a.m. when I get up in the morning my?

Posted 22 Aug 2015 by thatllbeme5988 1 answer

... b.s. run from 70's to 90's yes thats good however from normally running 160's to 190's its too fast a drop my body isnt used to it. Anyways my question is are you supposed to itseat a snack afterwards or before bed? Tia

Is Tradjenta like Actos?

Posted 6 Dec 2014 by Antulio Lnderos 1 answer

I take Glipizide XL; can anyone tell me why the tablets are occasionally appearing in my stool/?

Posted 12 Dec 2013 by mklimow 1 answer

I have been on glipizide XL for 6 months. After being taken off Actos I was given Metformin again, this time the extended Release and had the same really bad side effects. Then put on Trajenta and blood sugar kept going up.Then put on Glipizide.I also have GERD and take Prilosec; PA thinks Prilosec ...

Recommeded replacement drug for Actos?

Posted 26 Dec 2011 by chasel 1 answer

Diabetes, Type 2 - What is a good Actos alternative?

Posted 15 Sep 2011 by Schleyer 2 answers

Actos and Avandia may cause cancer. I take metformin and amaryl, too.

What can be causing Dan to have a salty taste in his mouth? He takes Novalog Flex Pen?

Posted 30 Mar 2013 by barbaramajerus 1 answer

70/30, Actos, and generic Lexipro. He is extremly tired and has shortness of breath. He is 67 years old and has had at least 2 TIA strokes.

Are you a woman with type 2 diabetes?

Posted 3 Feb 2013 by kaismama 3 answers

I was sent this info today. Its only one study so its not the thing to cause panic, but it should cause watchfulness if you are on one of these meds. It is about meds like actos and avandia. Researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and the University of East Anglia found that ...

I was taking 15 mg of Actos and it brought my sugar levels down quite well?

Posted 14 Jan 2013 by giraffec1952 1 answer

My Dr. took me off of it due to the cancer scare. since I have been off it my levels have increased dramatically (good day it is 125). She said my next step is shots (byetta) but I do not want to take shots. Is there another pill that I can use with my Januvia and Metformin that will bring my ...

How safe is actos?

Posted 22 Oct 2011 by cameoman58 1 answer

my dr. put me on 15 mg. of actos each day along with metformin,how safe is actos ,i keep seeing ads on tv about bladder cancer,please help me with information on how safe i am by taking this medication,thanks mike in south carolina.

How long does it take for Amaryl to take effect?

Posted 20 Apr 2011 by Herly 1 answer

I've been on Amaryl for two weeks and my readings are too high. Was on actos prior but it was too expensive

I am on Actos (30mg), Diovan (80mg), Vytorin (10-20mg) and my Doctor put me on Metformin (500mg) the

Posted 15 Nov 2011 by nick70 1 answer

... last few mornings when checking my blood suger it's been 150+ or higher? Thats after 12 hrs. fasting?

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