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Proton Pump Inhibitors/bones:Do all proton pump inhibitors increase the risk of bone fractures?

Posted 5 Jun 2018 by alien314 1 answer

I have taken Aciphex for years to reduce stomach acid due to pain the acid causes. When I have taken breaks from the medication, my stomach pain returns quickly and is quite intense. But now I also have osteoporosis (no one else in my family has ever had bone problems, as far as I know), and in the ...

Rabeprazole (does it cause tingling/cramping from back all the way to feet)?

Posted 23 May 2018 by Melly01 0 answers

I've been taking rabeprazole (Aciphex 20mg) for a couple of years now(I believe 3 yrs. and take it 3 days out of the week) and I've been experiencing tingling radiating down to my lower back all the way to my feet. I tend to get muscle spasms and foot cramping at the end of the day. I ...

Anybody reacting negatively to new generic of Aciphex?

Posted 7 Dec 2013 by sm1sm 14 answers

I have taken Aciphex for years with no problem. Now my insurance will only pay for the new generic. I am nauseated in the morning and even more so at night and feel terrible. Is anybody else experiencing this?

Aciphex - How long after taking the Aciphex do you notice complete results?

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by Tenilles 1 answer

I have GERD and completely stopped eating because of it, I stated taking Aciphex 6 days ago and I am noticing considerable differences but still not 100%.

Which Medications Can I Take For Gastritis That Are Not Prazole Drugs?

Posted 14 Nov 2016 by YellowDandelion 1 answer

I experience negative side effects to omeprazole (Prisolec, Zegerid) and rabeprazole (Aciphex). I am slowly going off of the rabeprazole and thus the side effects are slowly improving. But I have moderately severe gastritis (diagnosed with gastroscopy) and experience almost constant heartburn and ...

Aciphex - medication for Silent LPR and GERD?

Posted 2 Jan 2016 by roldanmonique 3 answers

I have been suffering from Silent LPR and symptoms of GERD for over a year. Finally after seeing my doctor several times, she recommended me to an ENT. Both doctora couldn't tell me what it was but prescribed me omeprazole. Took the medicine for 6 months and nothing, no change in my symtoms. ...

Omeprazole DR 40 mg?

Posted 21 Mar 2010 by goose5 1 answer

What is the difference? I have been on Aciphex for years. Take one hour before any other medications or eating in the morning. Absolutely no problems. Insurance company now wanted to change so have been given Generic Omerazole DR 40 mg. Take the same way, but have noticed shaking, nauesa, ...

Has anyone been successful in getting tricare to pay for Aciphex through mail order pharmacy?

Posted 11 Dec 2015 by GERDquestion 1 answer

I have been taking Aciphex for about 8 years to treat GERD. My employer health insurance has paid for it with preauthorization required. My current insurance won't pay for it, and I requested preauthorization from TRICARE - but was rejected. I have tried the alternatives, with bad results - ...

Can I take apple cider vinegar when I am also on Complera?

Posted 19 Oct 2015 by rtlenning1 1 answer

Zantac helps but still not as good as when I took aciphex. My question is can I take apple cider vineger with Complera when I have severe bouts with the acid reflux?

Antihistamines in Aciphex vs Dexilant?

Posted 24 Jun 2013 by cmacres 2 answers

I was rx'd Aciphex for acid reflux for about 1 1/2 years. I stopped taking it for about 2 weeks because of the copay. My acne started going away. Started eating Tums a lot so refilled the RX. Then I learned that Aciphex has antihistamines in it. Went back to Dr. and he gave me samples of ...

Rabeprazole - Effects of alochol on gerd medicines?

Posted 7 Oct 2013 by cowmouth 2 answers

Why does 2 beers or 2 mixed drinks seem to destroy the affect of gerd medicines; including Prilosec and Aciphex? Other gerd medicines do me no good.

Rabeprazole - Pill verification help markings M 57 possibly by mylan?

Posted 24 Nov 2013 by Random Patient 1 answer

I have just had brand name Aciphex chemical name Rabeprazole Sodium switched to a generic (not upset but when meds change appearance, I like a double verification for confirmation, lesson learned the bad way for errors). I am unable to verify from any images or even just any place holder images ...

How long does Aciphex stay in your system?

Posted 26 Jan 2013 by randyteri 1 answer

I have been on Aciphex for 11 years. Constant diarrhea, 20 mouth sore instances. I am currently not taking the Aciphex to see if I can cure the mouth and throat pain and sores. I want to know how long the Aciphex stays in your system to determine if this is the cause of the mouth/throat problem.

When is the generic form of aciphex going to be available?

Posted 15 Sep 2013 by Sylig82 2 answers

The patent expired in May 2013. Why isn't it available yet? It is so darn expensive but the only thing that works for me.

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