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Acarbose Questions

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Acarbose - I have Reactive Hypoglycemia. I can control it with diet usually but every now and again?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 0 answers

it goes haywire. I have been given Arcabose tablets. They work very well n the control of sugars. But they give me great flatulence. I get acute pains from wind and become very sore. (very antisocial) Is there anything you know that can ease this please? I have tried quite a few things. Windeze is ...

Why does DM type 2 cause weight loss?

Posted 17 Jun 2013 by pipazzo 1 answer

There is a patient with C/o of weight loss over 1 month even though increase food intake. His medication include Nifedipine SR, Lovastatin, Acarbose, Glipizide, Salbutamol, Beclomethasone.

Do they make a plain corn starch pill which is being used for hypoglycemia?

Posted 17 Jan 2013 by papascowboy 2 answers

Esophagus removed, now have hypoglycemia. Take acarbose 50mg same results. Suggested to take 1tbs. corn starch before each meal and bedtime in a paste form (not too liquidy) is hard to mix right consistancy. Looking for a pill or other alternative to take, especially when out (not home)

What is the likely reason to discountinue glipizide?

Posted 17 Jun 2013 by pipazzo 1 answer

Patient X have nifedipine SR 30mg OM, Lovastatin 20mg ON, Acarbose 100mg TDS, Glipizide 10mg BD, Salbutamol 2 puffs PRN and beclomethasone 200mcg BD. Doctor order discontinue glipizide 10mg, start metformin 500mg BD and to start SC Actrapid based on sliding scale and SC insulatard 25 units BD. ...

Does acarbose cause rashes or gas?

Posted 26 Dec 2012 by kcd51b 1 answer

Can Orlistat be given in combination with Acarbose to a diabetic patient having CLD?

Posted 6 Feb 2011 by Ebrahim Yusuf 1 answer

Patient is Obese, Postprandial hyperglycemic peaks are uncontrolled with Insulin 70/30 mixtures. She suffers also from Chronic Liver Disease, due to Hepatitis C. She did not respond to 1 year Peg Interferon and Ribavrin therapy

Acarbose - Is it a waste to take if not taken with the first bite of food?

Posted 26 Oct 2010 by Dexter Claspill 1 answer

If i forget to take it when i eat then take it an hour later is it a waste of medication to do that

Is Januvia and Acarbose in the same class of drugs? Can I switch to Acarbose safely?

Posted 8 Oct 2009 by arkgranny 1 answer

I am taking Metformin 2000 mg. per day. My doctor has also prescribed Januvia but I would prefer Acarbose if they're in the same class or family of diabetic drugs. I need to know this before I ask him to change me. I'm Type 2.

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