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Xulane - If I think I might be pregnant while on the patch, should I take it off immediately or wait

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by Japulie 1 answer

... for my period week and then take a test after if I've missed?

I didnt start my period on my off week but have all the symptoms of a period, should I be worried?

Posted 26 Sep 2017 by keshia24 0 answers

i have been on the Xulane patch for months now, and I normally have my period a couple days after I take my patch off the off week. But this week I didn't start my period but I have all symptoms that I should start. It's past the whole off week and no spotting. I have cramps and lower ...

If you have taken estradiol for some years after a complete hysterectomy and then quit for over 5...

Posted 24 Sep 2017 by Trisha Lynn 0 answers

... years while exploring the cream and patch, can I restart taking the estradiol pills since the cream and patch have not helped?

How much potency does a diet pill lose going through the digestive tract?

Posted 2 Nov 2017 by RobertsB 0 answers

I was looking into the difference between diet pills and the diet patch, Sometimes thing upset my stomach and pass right through. How much potency will a pill lose going through the digestive system?

Butrans - Other than the placement on your upper arms. ..where else can you apply the patch?

Posted 6 Aug 2017 by Dwoodard69 2 answers

I sweat alot and they tend to not stay on for the full week...

What schedule drug is a Lidocaine Patch 5%?

Posted 11 Feb 2014 by cblack296 2 answers

I have a 73 yr old client who was put on exelon patch 4.6 q 24 approximately 3 weeks ago?

Posted 7 Sep 2017 by Angiecci33 1 answer

He has Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, his neurologist said it would help with his agitation, but his agitation has actually increased. But the neurologist said to give it 4 weeks to see full effect. Should I call now or wait? Should I be worried?

Xulane - Would I continue to gain more weight if I used the patch for a long period of time?

Posted 4 Oct 2017 by TCalderon 0 answers

I loved this BC after having my son and it was really convenient for me. I started it and was on it for about 3 months and have been sticking to a workout routine and trying to eat as healthy as I can but since I've started the patch I gained 7 pounds.. I stopped taking it and switched to a ...

I was on my patch free week then I accidentally applied a new patch two days earlier than I was?

Posted 16 Aug 2017 by Stephanieblane 1 answer

... supposed to, meaning I was only on patch-free week for 5 days. What will this cause? Should I remove the patch? Any advice

Why has the company that bought out the Oxytrol patch REALLY discontinued it?

Posted 6 Nov 2015 by Oxytrol Gets the Axe 2 answers

Told it was a "marketing decision." Used daily Gelnique gel in the past, but abandoned once Oxytrol 4-day patch became OTC. Unlike Gelnique, this patch costs 1/2 as much for the same duration, doesn't have to dry (with 3 blobs of gel, it takes forever), doesn't have to be ...

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