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Is this normal ? Somebody please help me?

Posted 31 Mar 2016 by Tanerah 1 answer

I had a baby in August 2015, I immediately got on the depo shot the day I left the hospital, after 6 months of the shot I switched to the xulane patch. I got on the patch February 10th 2016, I took plan b that was prescribed to me on February 19th, I got my period March 6th and then I started ...

Estradiol - WAS ON VIVELLE DOT 0.05 MG/24HR and NOW ON EVOREL 50 MCG/24HR?

Posted 22 Mar 2016 by Cindyr22 0 answers

Hi. Was in Mexico and got Evorel 50MCG/24 hr estradiol patches. My RX is for Vivelle Dot 0.05 MG/24hrs. Asked the pharmacist if this is the same thing as the Vivelle Dot 0.05 patch and he said it is. I don't want to take a generic for the Vivelle and I want to make sure it is the same dosage ...

Will I have withrawal symptoms if I stop taking butrans after starting it 10 days earlier?

Posted 30 Jun 2013 6 answers

I've been prescribed butrans and I am on my second patch, about 10 days. I don't feel that butrans is right for me, as it gives me abdominal pain and headaches and sometimes feeling like I'm "spacing out". I'm worried that taking my patch off will cause me to suffer ...

Should I still do my week off with the patch? or use continuously to avoid my cycle during my vaca?

Posted 15 Apr 2016 by Brenae 0 answers

i have been taking the birth cotrol patch as presecribed with the 3 weeks on 1 week off for over a year now every wensday, my prescriber didnt refill my patch for the follwoing week on, usually the wensday during my week off i would reapply my week 1 patch but couldnt until that following monday... ...

Ortho Evra - I started evra this month. I'm on my week four, patch off week. I think I may possibly?

Posted 29 Jan 2016 by artsyr4g3 0 answers

... be pregnant. My breasts have been swollen and soreall last week, and i feel bloated this week. Also, about a week and a half ago i had my wisdom teeth out. I informed them i was on the patch and they assured me that it wouldnt be a problem. I was on t3's and amoxicillin and have been ...

Ortho Evra - Im on my third patch and my patch fell off two day early am I still protected?

Posted 16 Dec 2013 by dee1993 2 answers

My patch change day is Sunday but my patch fell off friday. This is the last patch before my patch free week so am I still protected for those two days

Period more than 9 days. Help?

Posted 10 Apr 2016 by Tatima 0 answers

I was put on the birth control patch a week ago. I'm now on my second week. I started to patch a day before my period on it came the next day. I did have sex the first week of starting the patch while on my period. I've been bleeding still after 9 days of starting my mensteal cycle. Can ...

Ortho Evra - My period hasn't ended but my patch free week is done. Do I still put on the patch?

Posted 11 Mar 2016 by Jessmar 0 answers

My period started on Friday and my patch day is on Sunday. My period still hasn't ended.

Mirena - Best form of birth control?

Posted 6 Apr 2016 by Laur4021 0 answers

I tried the patch and gained a lot of weight!! Like 15 pounds in three weeks.. I'm getting married in June, and I want to make sure I'm prepared. I had some serious mood swings. I'm young, very active, and eat well! What's your recommendation on BC?

Ortho Evra - Does switching from The Pill to The Patch help increase libido?

Posted 18 Mar 2016 by harrypottergirl 0 answers

I have been suffering from low-libido for the past year now. I also have had issues with vaginal dryness and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). I have been doing a lot of research and spoke to my doctor as well. Over the past 3 years I have been on a lot of different types of Birth Control Pills such as: ...

Ortho Evra - I have been using the patch perfectly for over 6 months except for now. Instead of?

Posted 9 Feb 2016 by Ss31s 1 answer

... taking my patch off on the Sunday to start my patch free week, I forgot or got lazy and kept it on until Thursday. I imagined it wouldn't have any hormone left in it so I was using condoms. My period started on Saturday evening (which can be normal for me) but instead of starting my new ...

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