My fiance was diagnosed with hepatitis C, extreme arthritis, and a long list of other ailments about a year and a half ago. His doctor has on lots of morphine, and muscle to ease his pain, and sent to UAB to be treated for the hep C.
He has been in treatment for hep C about 4 months, and the doctors there say his body is responding well to the treatment. His blood is no longer positive for hep C, and his liver is as normal as any liver could be.
I understand that hep C, and arthritis can cause disabilitating pain, but the hep C has cleared up; however, he has become so dependant on the pain pills he is unable to function with or without them. When on them he is like a zombie, and off of them he will not eat or get out of bed because of the pain.
He will NOT listen to me when I tell him he should find another treatment for the arthritis, he loves his pain pills-he has had problems with addictions in the past. The doctor that has him on the pills has been sanctioned in another state, and can no longer practice there because of over prescribing pain meds, and has no hospital privledges anywhere. HELP!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???