I went a bit low in 2012 and my doctor reluctantly put me on the minimum dose of 25 mcg of levothyroxine per day. I have been on this dosage for 4 years, now. I have felt better and my read-outs are normal but I'd like to come off it if possible as, since then, I have learned that most of our hypothyroid issues are a result of inadequate nutrition due to our land having become depleted of selenium as well as many people also not ingesting sufficiently good quality iodine. I have obtained very good quality nascent iodine - the easiest for the body to assimilate, according to everything I've read - and liquid selenium. In addition, I've been taking L - Tyrosine - all three absolutely critical elements in maintaining healthy thyroid function. My question is, by addressing this nutritional issue, can I gradually come off the small dose of levothyroxine that I've been on for four years by supporting my thyroid function with these supplements? Or is it as I have heard, that once you're on artificial thyroxine, it is for life, as the thyroid stimulating hormone has dropped levels permanently? Can the TSH re-adjust in time?