I first had a gout flare up when I was about 24 (3 years ago) but they said my levels weren't high enough (like 3<) so they just prescribed me a topical. Well I've had about 3 flare ups since then(excruciating pain where I couldn't even walk-both big toes, supper annoying and I've missed work)
Today they prescribed me Uloric for two weeks and then I start the Colchrys or whatever. I've read that I could be flaring for a few months until it gets in my system- that scares THE HELL out of me as all my flare ups have been excruciating and debilitating. I just wonder if there is anyone out there who never experienced side effects or tummy issues or flare ups since starting ?? I am so scared of the side effects it makes me not want to start medicine

Help super scared of side effects !