OK, so I went to the doctor for my severe heart palpitations and low pulse. She did an EKG, I'm definitely having the palpitations, called it PVC. She did not seem concerned about my severely low heartbeat per minute, was going all the way down to 40. Anyway, wanted to do electrolyte panel. So, I guess my magnesium levels are so low, she wants me to take a Magnesium Oxide 400mg or Magnesium Gluconate 500mg 2x a day (either/or). The doctor indicated I had a weakened kidney function, which the lack of magnesium can cause along with dehydration. OK, I drink tons of water every day, and it's hard to get lots of magnesium through foods since most of the foods are high in carbohydrates (and I'm diabetic). My question is... what is your experience with this seemingly high dose of Magnesium, and do you know what the side effects are? I plan to get this tomorrow after work. Thanks! StarGlitter