I dont even know how to explain or ask the questions I have so ill try as best and briefly as possible. I have major depression MAJOR) After tinkering with 3 or 4 meds for the past 5 years my new doc has me on pristiq. Its ok I guess but I have what I think are some ocd tendencies and ive read only ssri help that. Im also on lamcital 50mg for mood swings through out the day. Just started it hasnt kicked in. The main reason im writing this is beecause Im confused and fed up with my mind. I can be looking something up online and get so far into researching it or reviews or something I get upset when I have to stop. Its making me slow at work and spend less time with my kids. Im yelling at my kids if I dont finish what I feel like is the answer im googling or something. I have no patients with them and cant seem to multitask because my mind is consumed. I have ocd tendencies like freaking over nails chipping n fixing them right away and thoughts of bad things ive read can be ocd and when I was on an ssri it helped me with those litttle things but I dont remember about this main problem because its gotten worse. Is this ocd or something else?