Hi so about two weeks ago me and my bf had intercourse and well we were gonna use the pull out method but of course it didnt go as planned. Less then 15 min we went to go buy a plan b . Im not going to lie this is the second time taking it but , the first time i bled about a day later like a regular period maybe because he didnt ejaculate in me the first time but we panicked. Anyways back then i weighed about the same or more to what i weigh now. So back to story i drank the pill and i was expecting to bleed but nothing at all no symptoms until a few days ago my breast hurt alot and cramps but no bleeding no nausea. I did have diarrhea a few headaches. Also one more thingy i forgot, the day i took my second pill whih is about two weeks ago i was taking yeast infection medications. Its about two weeks later after the intercourse im really desperate right now im scared i dont know what to do i know what i did wasnt the correct thing but please dont judge i just need help. Also the reason why i said i weight 185 pounds is because i read plan b doesnt work for girls over 176 pounds please help !