So I went swimming with my friends a day ago, and I got sunburnt on my face. I didn't use sunscreen if that's relevant. I was wondering when the redness fades, will I be tanned at all? Because I don't want to be tan at all. I was also wondering if I should apply skin creams and aloe to my face, will that help soothe my skin, and make it harder for the skin to peel? wouldn't it be better to just let the skin peel off so the tan goes away faster, if I even get one? Some websites say in order to keep a tan use creams and such to make your skin stay that color longer, and others say to use creams and such to heal the burn and not get tanned faster. I don't know what to do, and all I want is whatever method doesn't get me tanned. I'd also like to know how long it would take for the sunburn to go away? (I've heard 1-2weeks) and if i get tanned, how long that will go away? (I've heard a few months) :(