Hi I have enlarged prostate and was given this by my gp since ive been on it ive had smelly urine back pain on and off and needles pins numbness in hands was given 4 week supply it was starting it but then these symptoms developed later on. but I had to ask my gp for doxycycline 100mg which I had last year when this problem flared up she was reluctant to give it to me but I insisted I needed it as its the only drug that puts things right. I also had an ultra sound scan last year which came back ok so I may have to repeat that again plus waiting on psa and cretnine blood tests these 2 I didn't have last year just a normal diabetes 1 which was ok so now im waiting on these results now to come back. I was also on ciprofloxin 500mg but I came off them because of stomach upsets and that's why they put me on trimethoprim and I don't think they have done nothing so ill start the doxycycline now tomorrow. my ? being can I take further actions should my complaint get any worse here as there repeating all the same things as they done last year. I ment to include the gp as also examined my prostate and it its slightly inflamed I think that's why she refered me for blood tests I had them done yesterday and she said the trimethoprim wont effect the tests which is good to know.