I recently discovered I have a sulfa allergy based on a severe allergic reaction to bactrim. I have it in my iPhone in my emergency medical ID if EMTs even look at that. I'm just wondering how I should approach it considering the reaction was pretty serious and the doctor said each time I'm exposed to it it I will get a progressively worse reaction. I've heard of bracelets or necklaces you wear but ANYWAYS my question is, are sulfa drugs common enough that I need to take precautions somehow? and how?
ps. my reaction to bactrim was swelling of my face and lips, dark heated rash, red dots 'hives' concentrated on hands, lower arm, elbow region, swelling of fingers and toes, fatigue, joint pain, fever, dizziness, nausea, extreme lack of appetite, pain after eating, etc. I took it again after (because I'm dumb) and had SEVERE itching.