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What is most suitable treatment for acne?

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Inactive 29 Dec 2012

Hello manoj walunj. It depends on the severity of the acne. Most over the counter brands such as Stridex work well for the milder forms. The more severe would require a visit to a dermatologist. Regards pledge

Inactive 29 Dec 2012

Dear manor walunj, Hello and welcome. I started having severe acne when I was 13-14. It was mainly localized on my cheeks, but it was bad, and embarrassing to say the least. I went to a dermatologist at 17, and was given a script for Retinol A. After peeling my face off. Lol. , and it not helping, I was hopeless. I went to my regular MD for a sinus infection and asked him out of curiosity what he would recommend. He suggested to get just plain Aqua Blue Zest. No other fragrance to it, just the AquaBlue. He said it cleaned very good and rinced off very clean, leaving nothing on your skin. I was 18, and now 42 and still use that soap on my face. Everyone,s skin is different, and I'm not knocking Dermatologist's. But it's a cheap bar of soap and worked great on my skin and they dried up. Good luck on finding something. I know how embarrassing it is. Many blessings. Ruthie free discount card

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