The rheumatologist prescribed Mobic 7.5mg 2X day and Flexeril 5mg 2X day for arthritis, but mostly for my PN. I have had to reduce my dosage of Mobic to 1X every other day. Is there an injectable anti-inflammatory that is effective? I have had toradol -- no help. I am having lots of trouble with the Mobic because of my GERD and IBS. I already take pantoprazole 40mg at bedtime. The Mobic helps a little more than other similar meds, but the GI irritation has become a problem. Can anyone think of something I can eat or an OTC that might reduce the irritation so I can resume the Mobic as prescribed? If I have to ask for an injectable, I have no problems self injecting. Done it many times with my B12 and IgG! But will have to wait until my next appointment in June because this "doctor" will not discuss meds by phone. Ugh! I'm frustrated because I am so limited as to meds I can take for the PN due to my body's reaction to them. Suggestions --- Please!!! I'm climbing the walls in pain today!