Trying to manage pain for the last 3yrs with alternating ibuprofen and extra strength tylenol... it has been taking the edge off the pain, enabling me to care for myself. I have grave concerns continuing this protocol as I know it's risky with the amounts I've been taking for so long. But what seems to be my alternate option is to be in a LOT of pain which keeps me in bed and the pain gets out of control. As a result I rarely get meals in my body and that just compounds my problem. The problem is I am quite fearful of prescription meds. I was on a higher than recommended dose of Effexor for 15yrs which in turn created 65+ side effects. This drug has been flagged as a possible cause of peripheral neuropathy, as well as the statin drug I was taking because the Effexor raised my cholestrrol. The statin I was taking is one also known for possibly causing peripheral neuropathy. That combination of drugs, plus an underlying disease of MS, lots of stress from being my grandmother's sole caregiver and my husband leaving me, and my health took a huge dive and I've been trying to crawl out of this mess for almost three years now. Bedridden for most of that time. I'm only now living on my own again. I have several different types of pain going on everyday. The worst of it is what I think is nerve pain. It's intermittant, very disturbing pain that takes me down. It's relentless in nature and horribly painful. It can last for days stabbing at me between every 5-10 seconds the duration of each pain lasting about 3-5 seconds. I need to find something to give my liver a break! I don't want anything I have to take daily in order for it to work. I want something that I can take when I need it and not have to keep the doses going... I don't have this pain everyday like some of the other pain I deal with like my skin pain from the neck down. The skin pain is always there day and night everyday for the last three years. It's painful to shower and to wear clothes. But even THAT is easier to deal with... does anyone know of a med I could try? I have tried gaba, tramadol, cymbalta, lyrica... only getting about 20% relief and to me the dangers of those drugs isn't worth the 20%. I do better with the piggy backing ibuprofen, tylenol, and cyclibenzaprine. However, these three, as of this weekend, just aren't helping me anymore:( I'm scared!